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Why choose insulating shutters for your home

10:34AM 18 May 2021

You know growing up my father would let out a frustrated sigh to me every time he saw the heating on in the winter. It would usually be followed by him saying ‘put a jumper or coat on instead, do you know how much it costs to heat this house?’
However, no one really likes to sit around their home wearing a coat do they? This is why installing shutters to insulate your home can save you money, energy, and even those family squabbles!

Full height shutters 

Are shutters good for insulation?

One of the major benefits of hardwood plantation shutters is that you can actually save money off your heating and energy bills, not just in the Winter but also all year long. In fact, it has been found that having insulted interior window shutters can reduce heat loss by approximately 50%. Saving you a few more pennies to spend on yourself at the end of each month. So, are shutters good for insulation? The answer is a resounding yes!


How do Insulated Shutters save your money? 

We’ll not get too technical on you but insulated interior window shutters actually create an extra barrier or vacuum as we call it, between your home and the outside world that curtains or blinds simply can’t do. When the shutters and slats are closed this creates an insulating layer that stops heat escaping so you can stay warm without having to worry about those extra heating bills or layering up.

What are the benefits of insulated shutters in the Summer?

The Summer is when shutters really come into their own compared to blinds and curtains. They can keep your room cooler when that heat wave hits by blocking as much sun as you want, but still letting light in. Simply move the louvers/slats up and down to let in as much light and heat as you desire.


1387-19a9213.jpg Solid shutters

Which are the best shutters for insulation?

We only provide hardwood plantation shutters because we know that they provide the best value for money for you in the long-term. Not only do they reduce heat loss, improve energy efficiency, and reduce your energy bills but they can also increase the value of your home.
If you want to reduce heat loss but still have some temperature control, we recommend Full Height Shutters with slats as the best shutters for insulation. These shutters will completely cover your window and give you the greatest amount of insulation from the cold outside when the slats are closed but will let in cool air in the summer when opened.
Café style shutters will leave the top or upper area of your window unprotected from the elements and would not give you as much temperature control or reduced heat loss as you would find from full height shutters.
However, an excellent alternative to both options above could be Tier on Tier shutters. You can have the choice of having your full window covered or having the top portion opened as and when you would like. In the Winter you can keep the full window covered and, in the Summer, you can have the top portion open letting in the cool air and keep the bottom still closed.
If you want complete coverage and the greatest reduction in heat loss, light, and noise, then Solid shutters will be your best choice.

Tier on tier shutters 

Still unsure of doing it yourself?

You are not the only one! That is why we are always on hand to help you along the way. Email us, or Live chat with any questions you may have.

Why not read our customer reviews to learn just how easy it is. Your bespoke insulated interior window shutters could be measured and ordered before the day is out!


'Great quality stock. Was a bit dubious ordering but the quality is great and easy to install. Took all of 10 mins to put together and up. They look ace. With measuring, don’t fret too much as they ring you and you can ask any questions and go through the order prior to it being dispatched. All in all, really impressed.' 

- Ben, Trustpilot

'The Shutter Store website is the best website I have ever experienced. They make it so easy, Then they phoned to discuss my order which was a great idea because there was something I wanted advice on. Thank You'

-Irene, Trustpilot