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Why choose tier on tier shutters? Jade Doutch has the answers!

3:55PM 26 May 2020


We’ve been speaking to interior blogger Jade (@jade.doutch) about her beautiful home in Wales, her interior style, and her love for her new tier on tier shutters

Hello Jade, tell us about yourself and your gorgeous home?   

Our home is a 1930 semi on a small island in North Wales.  I have lived here for 18 years with my son Adam and our 2 dogs.  I have always been home-obsessed and feel my happiest when I am at home pottering about.

How would you describe your interior style?  

I enjoy mixing different styles, (mainly because I am so indecisive about what my style actually is!)  My house enjoys some 1930 charm mixed with modern/scandi interior. And a little vintage/retro thrown in for good measure.  My style of product is often based upon price as I am always on a budget, if I want a certain product then I will search and search until I find it the cheapest or I will wait until I can afford it.  


Why did you choose The Shutter Store over other companies?

Reviews are important to me! Price, always price and customer service/ease of ordering.


What made you choose Tier on Tier plantation shutters?

My window is large and split into two with the top opening.  I wanted shutters where I could open the top panels to allow light in (for my plants to thrive), retain privacy and ease of access for when I want to open the windows.



Do you do a lot of DIY?

I throw myself into all DIY and love it.  However, as my walls are stone, I get a handyman in to deal with any kind of drilling-into-walls jobs. I have learnt this is the best option after many mishaps.

How easy were the white wooden shutters to measure? Any difficulties with a Tier on tier design?

I was so nervous of getting it wrong but I followed the video tutorials on your website with Sarah Beeny (omg love her)(big fan).  And for extra assurance I measured again with my son (mainly so I could then blame him if I got it wrong haha).

Once all the measurements were sent over, I had lots of emails and phone calls with the customer services department helping me pick the best design and size of louvres etc.  They even sent me sketches which helped massively.  It was decided to have a mid rail bar for extra support (as the window is large). 


How have the white shutters changed your room?  

The shutters have completely transformed the room. It feels lighter, brighter, more modern and slick.  I am sooooo pleased.  They also look amazing from outside and lots of my neighbours have stopped and commented.


What advice would you give to people who are considering going down the DIY route?

I was scared of getting it wrong but the team here are amazing and will talk you through it all.  I got a handyman to put the shutters up for me as my walls can be tricky (stone house). He didn't even know what plantation shutters were and when he saw all the boxes he said 'oh my god I'm going to be here all day'. But without looking online at instructions or asking any questions, he had them up in an hour. No Problem!

We first saw your beautiful home on Instagram, what’s been your most popular post?

My most liked post on Instagram has been my shower room. 


We can see why! Finally, what’s the best thing about your white wooden shutters? 

How slick and expensive they look.  I love that they are the first thing I see when I come home.  They give the wow factor to the house.  I love that I can keep the top tiers open to allow extra light in the room as its north facing and can be quite dark.

Thank you Jade!

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