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What to Do with Old Shutters

12:00PM 05 March 2024

Got some old shutters collecting dust? Before you think about tossing them out, consider the possibilities for giving them a new lease on life. Upcycling old shutters is a fun weekend project to add a unique touch to your home décor. Here are some creative ideas to transform your old shutters into something special.

1. Garden Chic: Outdoor Privacy Screen

Transform your garden into a secluded retreat by using old shutters as a privacy screen. Paint them in vibrant colours for a pop of personality or leave them in their rustic state for a vintage feel. Either way, you're sure to add charm to your outdoor space.

what to do with old shutters

2. Functional Art: Wall Organiser

With a bit of creativity, old shutters can transform into a practical wall organiser. Perfect for hanging keys, letters, or even small plant pots, this DIY project combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

3. Home Décor: Rustic Headboard

Looking for an alternative statement piece for your bedroom? Convert old shutters into a rustic headboard. This simple yet effective idea can elevate your bedroom's design and add a cosy, vintage ambiance.

4. Conversation Starter: Unique Coffee Table

Craft a coffee table out of old shutters for a piece that's sure to start conversations. This project might require a bit more DIY skill, but the result is a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that's both stylish and eco-friendly.

Ready for an Upgrade?

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