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Looking for Slim Window Shutters?

12:00PM 30 March 2023

Are your windows as skinny as a low-fat latté? If you’ve got one of two particularly slim windows in your home, chances are that you’ve most likely struggled to dress them. Fortunately for you, we’re very experienced in making shutters of all shapes and sizes, including tall and skinny ones. So, if you’ve got two or three minutes, give this quick guide a read to find out how self-install shutters can solve your skinny window woes.

Slim Plantation Shutters

One of the issues with dressing skinny windows is that curtains or blinds run the risk of completely obscuring them. This is fine if you want to hide your window, but if you want it to function as a key feature of your room, a set of slim plantation shutters is the perfect solution. With The Shutter Store’s made to measure shutters, you’ll have a dressing that’s measured to the exact specifications of your window. This means your brand-new shutters will fit perfectly flush to your window. Not only does this result in a slick, tidy finish, but it also helps to block out drafts and keep the heat in. Please note that the slimmest width we can accommodate is 260mm.


Slim Window Shutter Styles

One of our favourite things about shutters is their versatility. With a range of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set for your windows. Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window from top to bottom as one panel, whilst café style shutters are fitted to the bottom half only. This makes them ideal for maintaining privacy while still allowing plenty of light into the home. For the best of both worlds, tier-on-tier shutters will cover your whole window, but they’re comprised of a separate top and bottom section. This allows you to fully open one half away from the window with the other staying closed. For something a bit more traditional, our solid panel shutters look much like the shutters of old – perfect for period properties.


Installing Slim Window Shutters

If this all sounds a bit complicated, then fret not, because fitting your own bespoke shutters is actually pretty straightforward. All you’ll need is a spirit level, drill, tape measure, pencil, and a Phillips screwdriver. And to make things as easy as possible for you, we’ve created some easy to follow measuring and fitting guides. Give them a read before you start your measuring and you’ll soon be an expert.

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If you still have questions, we’re always here to help. Send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk today and one of our shutter experts will be sure to get back to you. Whether you have questions around measuring or just want some design advice, our team are always on hand.