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The Benefits of Solid Shutters

3:33PM 04 March 2021

Today, our emphasis is on the benefits of solid shutters in your home. We’ll be taking a look at the different types of solid shutters on offer, and how they provide numerous practical benefits as well as a classic style. Already sold on this timeless shutter style? Then click below to start designing your perfect solid shutters!



Our two types of solid shutters are called full solid raised, and half solid raised shutters. With full solid shutters, the  entire panel is made from a solid piece of wood. Unlike our other shutter styles, there are no individual slats/louvres. With half solid shutters, on the other hand, half the panel will be made with one solid piece of wood, and the other half will be made up of louvres/slats. (Two window shutter styes for the price of one!)

The Benefits of Full solid raised shutters

Full solid shutters provide:

-Maximum light reduction
-Noise reduction
-A traditional style that complements period properties

Full solid raised shutters are great for bedrooms because they’re able to block out the most light of any of our shutter styles. They're therefore a great alternative to blackout curtains or blinds, providing the practicality with a much nicer aesthetic. You can still swing these full solid shutters open to let in light and fresh air, but you don’t have as much control as you would with a slatted set of window shutters.

Full solid shutters are also great for bedrooms because they give you the most privacy. No-one wants a fully-exposed bedroom window, and since you’re usually in there when it’s dark anyway, you aren’t missing out on light control that are slatted styles offer. The benefits of enhanced privacy along with blocking out the most light, make these an ideal choice for your bedroom.


The Benefits of Half solid raised shutters

Half solid shutters provide:

-Light control
-A farmhouse style that is perfect for patio or French doors

Half solid raised shutters give you the benefits of solid panels on the bottom, with louvres on the top half. This gives you the best of both worlds. For taller windows, you probably won’t be missing out by not having louvres that go all the way to the floor.

The solid panelled section provides a period look, while the slatted portion allows you to take control over the light that enters your rooms. This shutter style is great for kitchens, and even for using on french or patio doors. Any room with long, tall windows is a great candidate for half solid raised shutters.


You can learn more about solid shutters here, and you can also browse our shutter galleries for inspiration on all the styles we offer.

If you have any questions, please get in touch- we’re here to help you choose the perfect window shutters for your home, whatever style that ends up being.