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Renovate Don’t Relocate: Sarah Beeny shares why plantation shutters are the best investment

12:28PM 29 March 2019

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Our brand ambassador Sarah Beeny launched Renovate Don’t Relocate on Really TV this week, a series thriving with ideas for homeowners to make the absolute best of their homes on a budget.

Helping 17 couples maximise their space throughout the series, Sarah shares her secret tip to dramatically improve the aesthetics of your home in an affordable way.

"When looking for more or a better-designed space, spending a fortune moving home isn't necessarily the only option, the answer can often be right under your nose. If you make the space you’ve already got work as hard and as smart as possible, you may find the perfect solution. You need to look at your home from a totally different angle and not be afraid to make big changes, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

My secret tip: If you want your home to look a million dollars, go for DIY shutters - if you use the right company, they're easy to fit and surprisingly affordable - and I don’t just use them for flexible daylight, they make clever space dividers and brilliant wardrobe doors!"
 Sarah says.


The Shutter Store were delighted to feature our quality plantation shutters on the Renovate Don't Relocate show, illustrating the endless benefits shutters bring to a home.

Why install shutters?

​You don't have to spend a fortune relocating when some well-considered design changes, like installing affordable shutters, will ensure your home becomes practical and beautiful. Why shutters?
  • They’ll instantly lift a room that may be in need of updating.
  • They complement every interior style, every colour, every window.
  • They smarten the interior and exterior of your home, increasing the value and your home’s saleability.
  • They’re easy to measure and install (no need for third party installers who charge extra, you can DIY with easy to follow guides).
  • They’ll maximise the natural light you receive in your home.
  • … and more importantly, keep prying eyes and overlooking neighbours away.

So are shutters worth the investment?

Sarah thinks so. And when you choose to install your own vs hiring a full service shutter provider, you’ll save up to 40% in installation fees. Curious about the cost of shutters? It’s easy to get a quote or read our 'How much do shutters cost?' guide.

Don’t forget to catch Sarah and our shutters on Renovate Don’t Relocate. Every night this week or catch up on Really TV.

Renovate Don’t Relocate gives a fresh perspective on how we actually use and feel about our homes and will, I hope, inspire viewers to maximise the efficiency and style of their space.” Sarah Beeny