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4 ways with french shutters - take a piece of your holiday home

4:15PM 27 June 2018

Us Brits are no strangers in getting the best of our interior inspiration from our far-flung holiday destinations. From the boutique hotel room bed linens that ooze luxury, to Portuguese patterned tiles that make a grand statement underfoot. There’s always something to catch our eye that we wish to replicate in our homes back in the UK.

One iconic design feature that never fails to get us dreaming are the stunning french shutters found most often along idyllic cobbled streets on old french buildings. They perfectly frame French balconies and window boxes, in all sorts of pretty pastel shades, and it’s no surprise that they are on holidaymakers’ wish lists.


While we might not always be able to take the weather back home to the UK, we can certainly take lots of design inspiration - and French shutters are one of the most simple, yet transformative additions you can bring to your home which will instantly take you back to memories of your holidays.

Here’s 4 ways you can achieve the French shutter look and bring a little piece of holiday home…

Pic: Cafe-style shutters, Pure white, The Shutter Store

1. Go cafe-style

The cafe-style shutter has a typically French, traditional look. These shutters are fitted to only half of your window, with the upper half left bare, resembling the sought-after French shutters seen in Parisian cafes. Cafe-style shutters are commonly fitted on windows that face busy roads to provide privacy and keep light streaming through. Pure white shutters work beautifully in UK homes and are popular on the lower half of large bay windows, tall Georgian bathroom windows or dining areas.

Pic: Full height solid shutters, custom colour, The Shutter Store

2. Channel french-chic with solid shutters

Opulent, boutique holiday stays normally provide quirky, vintage interior design ideas not to mention an excellent night’s sleep. Both can be recreated with a great window dressing like solid shutters. Solid shutters bring French-chic character to a bedroom, especially when they’re painted in the sweet pastel vintage shades. They’re practical, not just beautiful, contributing to an uninterrupted, quality sleep night after night with their noise reducing, light reducing, and heat retaining qualities. Overall they make an excellent choice for recreating your holiday at home.

Pic: Patio door shutters, part solid, part slats, The Shutter Store

3. Dress your patio doors with Frenchdoor shutters

You’ll have spotted them on your evening walks through cobbled streets, those sought after single glazed, typically French wooden doors are coveted by lots of UK homeowners, but what if you’ve inherited upvc french doors and you’d rather a more traditional look akin to the French charm seen on holiday? Pure white, Alabaster (soft grey) or Seaglass Green (soft green) shutters installed over your upvc doors can appear as charming French doors when you glance into the room. The Shutter Store offer easy to measure and install shutters for French doors that will soften the look of upvc patio doors.

Pic: Cafe style shutters softening a landing view, The Shutter Store

4. Missing your sea views? Install shutters to soften a less than favourable view

UK homes can often be built with less than favourable views onto the likes of a neighbour’s garden, a brick wall, or looking out onto an old fence - nothing like the sea views you woke up to on holiday. Installing shutters can make it less obvious and soften the view. With the ability to tilt slats at whichever angle you prefer, you can disguise your current view and dream of waking up to the Mediterranean waves.

Interested in installing shutters in your home? Order some of our free samples today. Alabaster, Mist, Pure White and Seaglass Green are all shutter colours that would work effortlessly on French shutters.