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Are Shutters Suitable for Bifold Doors?

2:51PM 07 July 2022

In almost any room, a set of bifold doors are the standout feature. Because they act as a focal point, it is important to celebrate them accordingly. There might be the temptation to present them as is, but this can leave a room feeling empty and unfinished. Therefore, choosing the correct dressing is very important, not to mention difficult. Enter, plantation shutters...

Are Shutters Suitable for Bifold Doors

We often get asked whether internal shutters for bifold doors are practical.  Well, the short answer is…yes! So, what makes bifold shutter doors such a great choice? Well, it’s their versatility that is their main selling point. They’re available in a wide range of styles and colours, and we can even put them on a sliding track system. But that’s not all. Shutters are so much more than meets the eye...

bifold shutter doors

The Affordable Option

It’s a common misconception that plantation shutters are an expensive luxury, when the simple fact is that they needn’t cost the world. And because The Shutter Store are a supply only company, you can save up to 40% when compared to other measure and install services.


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Bi-folding doors are larger than most types of windows. This means their dimensions will often exceed industry standards for other window dressings. While you may be able to order curtains and blinds to the dimensions of your doors, they are simply not as bespoke as made-to-measure shutters. Not only do we manufacture our shutters to the size of your windows and doors, but we do so to the millimeter too. That means they sit flush to your recess, promising you the perfect fit every time.

Privacy and Light Management

Most of the surface area of bifold doors tends to be glass. This makes light and privacy management a key consideration when choosing the best dressing. With their moveable slats and optional features such as mid rails, bifold shutter doors give you the best control over brightness and who can see into your home.


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As mentioned above, internal shutters for bifold doors are made to fit the exact dimensions of your doors. This offers a sleek and smooth finish that you simply don’t get with other types of window dressing. Being attached directly to your doors or their recess means that they will keep the heat out and drafts out. Besides the practical benefits, this helps you to save money on your heating bills!

They’re Child and Pet-Proof

Worried about the family dog pulling at your curtains? Maybe you have a toddler who simply cannot leave the blinds alone. Bifold shutter doors are fitted neatly and securely. This means that they don’t drape or hang loose, nor do they have any spare parts which can dangle and create a hazard.

It’s Simpler Than You Think!

As mentioned above, we are a supply only company, but that isn’t to say you’re on your own. Our handy measure and install guides make fitting your own shutters simple. And if you still need some help, our friendly team are always here to lend a helping hand

If you’re considering shutters for sliding doors but still have some questions, then please get in touch today. Our friendly team are always on hand to offer their expert advice. Simply send an email today to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk. We’re excited to hear from you!