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Choosing the Right Slat Size for Your Shutters

5:00PM 22 January 2024

Picking the right slat size can make a world of difference in both the look and functionality of your shutters. With lots of different shutter slat sizes for you to choose from, things can get a little confusing. Here at The Shutter Store, we like keeping things simple. So, with that in mind, we created this quick and easy guide. Let's find the perfect fit for your windows.

Shutter Slat Sizes

We have four slat sizes for you to choose from, each with their own benefits.

This is the go-to for achieving a more traditional look. Ideal for smaller windows or spaces where intricate detail is paramount, the 64mm slat size offers a classic, refined appearance. While they let in less light compared to larger slats, they provide excellent privacy and are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in spaces like bathrooms or studies.

Stepping up slightly in size, the 76mm slats strike a balance between traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. They're versatile, suitable for medium-sized windows, and allow for a decent amount of light while still maintaining privacy. They're particularly great for living rooms and kitchens where you want a blend of light control and a classic look.

Along with 76mm, these are the more popular choice for contemporary homes. The 89mm slats allow more light to flood in, making them ideal for larger windows or rooms where maximising natural light is essential. They also offer a clearer view of the outside when open, perfect for lounge areas or dining rooms that benefit from a brighter, airier feel.

The largest option, these slats are designed for grand, statement windows. They allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room and offer the most unobstructed view when open. Ideal for spacious living rooms, conservatories, or any large window space, these striking slats make a bold, modern statement.

Tips for Perfect Pairing

Before you go, here are a few of our final thoughts:

  • Smaller Rooms: In smaller or cosier rooms, like bathrooms or studies, smaller slats (64mm or 76mm) are ideal. They maintain proportion and don't overwhelm the space.

  • Larger Spaces: For larger spaces, consider 89mm or 114mm slats. This allows more natural light to flood in, making the room feel airier and more open.

  • Bedrooms: If you prefer a darker room for sleeping, smaller slats are your best friend. For a brighter, airier bedroom, especially one with large windows, choose 89mm or 114mm slats.

  • Feature Windows: For feature windows or spaces where you want to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors, the larger 114mm slats are sure to make a real impact. They offer minimal obstruction, so it's a great way to bring the outside in, especially for rooms that face gardens or have scenic views.

Choosing Your Shutter Style

It’s important to remember that when choosing your shutter slat sizes, ultimately, it’s down to your personal preference. Sure, we wouldn’t recommend large slats with small café style shutters. Nor would we say that you should choose 64mm on a set of extremely tall tier-on-tier plantation shutters. But it’s your choice.

If, however, you would like to get our two cents – well, pennies – on the matter, feel free to send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk. Our expert team will be happy to answer your questions. You can even include some photos of your windows and we’ll be glad to offer our expertise.

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