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Energy Efficiency of Solid Window Shutters

12:00PM 07 January 2023

Winters are getting colder: we know this. And it’s also no secret that energy bills have been rising and continue to do so. But we didn’t write this blog to spread lots of doom and gloom just in time for the holiday season. No, that’s not what The Shutter Store is about. We’re all about shutters of course – it’s in the name. But we’re also about practicality, style, solutions, and saving you money. So, how to do so? Great question, lovely reader. Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

Insulated Shutters

It’s now more important than ever to insulate your home wherever you can. Not only is this a long-term money-saver, it’s also an exercise in eco-friendliness. One of the main ways a home loses heat is through its windows. In fact, over 50% of heat is lost via the windows. This makes finding the most energy efficient window dressing a key step along the journey of making your home more energy efficient.


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Well, as luck would have it, insulated shutters finish top of the pile. But you don’t have to take our world for it. Historic England did their own research in 2018. In their research, they found that well-fitted plantation shutters reduced heat loss by 64% on single-glazed windows, while this rose to 73% with low-emissivity secondary glazing (compared to 39% with heavy curtains). This is further supported by the American Energy Department. They listed shutters as one of the top energy efficient window coverings.

Do Shutters Save Money on Energy Bills?

When the panels are closed and the slats are too, shutters create an additional air pocket between the window and your room. This air pocket – created by our lovely shutters – works to keep the heat in and the cold out. With the extra insulation, you’ll find that the heating doesn’t have to go on as regularly. And because our shutters are made-to-measure to the exact specifications of your windows, there is no risk of heat escaping through gaps around their edges.


Solid Shutters

While shutters have a very real and measurable impact on your home’s efficiency, some are more effective than others. For example, Café Style shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, so they won’t be very effective heat insulators. Conversely, Solid Window shutters are incredible heat retainers because they have no movable slats. Their solid panels make it near impossible for any heat to escape when they are fully closed. Also, they don’t look too shabby either.

Other Shutter Benefits

Shutters aren’t just great insulators. They have a raft of benefits that we love to shout about:

  • Soundproofing

  • Privacy

  • Light management

  • Add value to the home

  • Kerb appeal

  • …and they look alright too!

If you have any further questions on insulated shutters and their many benefits, please get in touch today. Send an email to hello@theshutterstore.co.uk and one of the team will get back to you shortly.