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Why you should choose shutters for your sash window

10:12AM 08 January 2021

Sash windows are a fabulous feature present in many Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes. They exude a wonderful sense of classical style and are perhaps one of the most versatile windows, able to be slid open from either the top or bottom, to whatever degree the temperature dictates. Shutters were simply made for sash windows, and here we’ll tell you why they are the ideal window covering for them above all else. 

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What is a sash window?

You’ll know if you’re the owner of a sash window as they are split into a top and bottom section, with the option to unlock from the centre and either slide upwards from the bottom or downwards from the top. They are present in many homes from the Georgian period onwards and are particularly striking when they are at their tallest, adorning the front of late 19th century Regency apartments. Picture the streets of Bath, Edinburgh or Brighton seafront and you’ll remember how amazing the buildings look with these tall feature windows.

Why are shutters great for sash windows?

Shutters were practically made for sash windows. Many examples are split into four panes, especially on smaller sash windows. This means that you can mirror your sash window’s makeup with your shutter panel configuration. The windows’ central dividing point between the top and bottom section makes a perfect place to add a mid-rail to your shutters.

Shutters are as timeless and as classy as sash windows, so when combined you can be sure of a look that will never go out of fashion. They are also just as versatile – for example if you have the entire bottom or top section open to allow in cooling air on a summer’s day, you can keep your shutter slats tilted open to allow air to flow into your room whilst preventing animals or small children from jumping out.



Which shutter styles look best on sash windows?

Taller sash windows look fabulous with full height shutters with a mid-rail, covering the entire window with a split point in the middle, just like your windows. Tier-on-tier shutters allow you to open the top panels independently of the bottom half, whereas café style shutters look great for smaller sash windows where you just want to cover the bottom half (great for bathrooms). Go for a large slat size should you want to let in as much light as possible through those magnificent large sash windows – a smaller slat size is OK for smaller windows. Solid shutters would be an ideal option should you be looking for a near-blackout effect, such as in a bedroom.

Is it easy to measure sash windows for shutters?

Sash windows are some of the easiest to measure for shutters. They tend to be inside mount, that is sitting within a window recess, so head to our measuring guides section and download the guide appropriate for you. It will simply be a case of measuring both the width and height of your window, as well as the height of the middle part of the window, where the shutter mid-rail will be. All you’ll need at this point is a decent tape measure. Our shutters team is here to help should you get stuck, and you can always email us a photo of the sash window in question so that we can advise on exactly the points that you should be measuring, plus give style and colour advice.


How to install sash window shutters

Installing sash window shutters is even easier than measuring for them. Everything will be delivered made-to-measure, with holes pre-drilled, so all you’ll need to do is snap the shutter frame together, attach to the window frame and then slot the shutter panels into place. In terms of equipment, a drill, screwdriver and spirit level will be all you need to achieve sash window shutter perfection. View and download installation guides right here.

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