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The benefits of fitted shutters

11:41AM 14 January 2021

In the majority of cases, DIY is the best option for fitting shutters. Once you’ve read our guides, watched the videos and measured your windows correctly, the rest is relatively simple. However, we understand that DIY isn’t for everyone, and that sometimes you just want to put your feet up and let somebody else take care of the work, right? Well, the good news is that we can help!

We have built and nurtured an expert national network of shutter measurers and installers; a talented pool of passionate craftsmen who will help turn your interior dreams into reality.




We spoke to Joe, our shutter expert working all over the South East, to help you understand the benefits of fitted shutters and to get to know our wonderful installation team a little better!


When and why did you first become interested in fitting shutters?

I was a carpenter for years, building bespoke cabinets, tables, chairs and so on. Many of my customers’ windows had these beautiful wooden shutters and it struck me how much of an impact these window coverings have on customers homes, inside and outside! That was about five years ago, and I’ve been passionate about meeting customers and helping them bring their shutter dreams to life ever since.


What does a typical day involve?

I start really early, usually around 5am as sometimes I have to travel quite far for my appointments. I visit people’s homes to check their measurements are correct and help them make any final adjustments. I like giving customers peace of mind that they've measured correctly. The other half of my day is spent installing shutters for people I’ve spoken to a couple of months ago.



What do you love about your job?

No two installations are the same – they are very much dictated by the look and feel of the customers’ home, which makes every job a new challenge. I love meeting people and seeing them get excited about the possibilities on offer in terms of colour, slat size, style - even hinge colour - and to help them visualise the shutters in their homes.



Why should a customer have you install shutters, rather than do it themselves?

I have the experience and know-how from seeing thousands of windows and homes to know exactly what will look best for you. I help to remove any doubt in the customer’s mind by ensuring their measurements are correct, which saves money and hassle in the long run. Some windows are quite challenging to fit shutters to and this can put people off, but nothing is beyond my experience – I’ve even fitted shutters on canal boat windows!

Are fitted shutters affordable?

In a word, yes! Designing and buying your shutters with our installation service will still work out cheaper than using a traditional home survey shutter company. Shutters last far longer than any other window covering and can even add value to your property by becoming part of the semi-permanent fixtures and fittings, so it’s a very worthwhile investment.




How does it work?

When ordering simply add installation to your basket and myself or a member of the team local to you will be notified. We’ll then pop round to check your measurements are correct and return to fit them for you once they have been built.

And finally, what’s your favourite shutter installation you’ve done?

I mentioned the canal boat, that was fun, but I’ve done some really enjoyable conservatory installations over the years. They can be tough to measure so it’s a good job I’m on hand to double check and make any adjustments for customers. The scale of the installation on a conservatory roof looks pretty spectacular.