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Our top tips to measure your shutters with confidence

2:48PM 13 January 2020

Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to anybody’s home. A classic design staple that adds value to your home - who wouldn’t want them?
But a full measure and install service can seem expensive and on the other hand, the DIY option can appear daunting and overwhelming!

This is where The Shutter Store steps in: we offer an affordable DIY option and support you every step of the way in measuring for shutters, starting with these top tips:

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

Let’s get started, is it inside mount or outside mount?

Using our easy-to-follow measuring guides and videos make this first choice a doddle.

If your window has a recess wide enough to accommodate a shutter frame- then inside mount it is! Simply measure inside the recess at 3 different spots for the width and height and record the smallest of those 3 measurements.

If your recess is minimal, or there are any obstructions around your windows (such as handles) then an outside mount is for you!
Measuring shutters The Shutter Store
All you need to do is measure to the outside of your existing window trim for those width and height measurements. Alternatively, add the size of the shutter frame to your largest window measurements.

If you have already chosen a Café style shutter (half-height shutter) than the rules are the same, except instead of measuring the full height of your windows, only measure up to where you wish your shutters to finish.

At this stage, if you’re still unsure of where to measure, simply send in a photo of your window to the team and they’ll happily mark it up for you with exactly where you should be measuring.

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

What to do if your windows tilt inwards

If your windows have the functionality of tilting inwards to allow cleaning, then an outside mount is perfect as there’ll be no frame blocking this function. If you prefer the aesthetic of an inside mount then don’t fret, you can still choose this option – only if you don’t mind losing this tilt function or can access the windows from outside.

Decorative trim

If you’re lucky enough to have decorative trim around your windows that you don’t wish to drill into or obstruct from view; then an inside mount would be ideal as it will fit inside your recess allowing your period details to shine. This is another good reason to send in photos to our experts, so they can assess your windows and point you in the right direction to ensure your trim is not hindered.

“We sent in pictures of our windows to get the best advice on what we should be choosing. The Shutter Store are really keen to make sure that you’re ordering with confidence, so will guide you every step of the way!”- Kimberly & Wayne

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

Windowsills…now what?

If you have a protruding sill or ledge, fear not! These will not affect your inside mount shutters. For an outside mount, this simply means that you only need to add the width of the frame to your height once.

Using our frame templates when measuring for shutters

When you download our measuring guide you’ll notice that it includes frame templates that can be printed and cut out to help you assist when measuring for your shutters.

These are a great tool to visualise where your shutters will fit but it’s not essential for an inside mount as you’re just providing us with your initial measurements - our dedicated team will do the rest. For outside mount shutters, these handy extras will ensure that you’re confident with your finished dimensions.

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

What to do with bay windows

Measuring for shutters for a bay window is no problem. The Shutter Store has every eventuality covered, even for curved bay windows! Select ‘bay windows’ in our measuring guide and you’ll see the dedicated guides to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Embrace your shape

Arch, circular and uniquely shaped windows are more and more common these days. And with all these shapes being unsuitable for curtains or blinds, shutters are a perfect option.

If you send in initial measurements of the overall width and height of your shapely window - as well as photos - our team can work closely with you in taking the other measurements needed.

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

Tiles around your windows

For inside mount shutters, measure inside the tile area and chose a Z frame (which has an extended lip) which will allow you to hide the gap between the shutter frame and the non-tiled area. Outside mount shutters will not be affected by tiles within your recess and any gaps can be finished with decorators’ caulk.

What to do it you have measured too tight or too big

When checking through your order with you, our shutter experts will suggest small deductions for your order to ensure the shutters do not fit too tightly. Our dedicated team are experienced in ensuring you achieve a perfect fit. On the off chance that there is spacing, decorators’ caulk can be used to fill small gaps and ensure a seamless finish.

Measuring shutters The Shutter Store

Tools needed when measuring for shutters

To measure your windows for shutters, we simply recommend you use a good quality metal measuring tape with our measuring guides to hand!

We’re sometimes asked whether laser measuring devices are helpful when measuring for shutters; these are useful when measuring large areas like entire rooms, but with smaller more specific measurements (like a window opening) they can be less accurate.
Most importantly…Our specialist team are here to support you through every stage of your measuring process, call us or email us today with any questions you may have.