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Are Cafe Style shutters right for my room?

4:04PM 08 January 2020

Cafe style shutters by The Shutter Store

Café style shutters are a popular choice for window decorations, but are they best suited to some rooms more than others?

Even for this adaptable design, it can be tricky to know whether choosing Café shutters is right for your windows. Here are some key factors that we hope will help inform your decision.

The advantages of DIY Café style shutters

Unlike our full height shutters, ‘café style’ simply means that the shutters cover only the lower half of your window. This can easily be measured to the half-way point of your windows or to any desired height.

This design is beneficial because:
  • The top of your windows are clear to let in the maximum amount of light
  • You can customise the height of this style
  • It brings you the privacy you desire from your shutters
  • They are more cost-effective than full height or tier on tier. With half the height you literally pay half the price!
Cafe style shutters by The Shutter Store

The disadvantages of DIY Café style shutters

As this design only covers the lower section of your window, they don’t offer any coverage or block any light from the top of the window. This can be an advantage depending on the room it’s for or its intended use, but it can be less flexible than the other styles if you may eventually wish to add a top ‘section’.
  • Full height shutters could be for you if you wish to have more control over the light and privacy in your room
  • If you have very wide windows, a 4-sided frame will be sturdier and easier to install.
  • Tier on Tier shutters would provide the same advantages as a Café style, with the added option to close the top tier for full coverage.

The perfect room for DIY Café style shutters

This versatile design is a great choice for rooms which require privacy over maximum light reduction.

Kitchens and living rooms are the most popular choice for this design as you want privacy from the outside world but are less likely to want to block out the light completely. These shutters are perfect for adding privacy to your street-facing rooms.

Bedrooms are the least popular choice for this design. In a room where light reduction is the priority, full coverage of your windows is key to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Cafe style shutters by The Shutter Store

The many colours and styles of DIY Café style shutters

Our DIY Café Style shutters are even available in our Waterproof polyvinyl range. So if you’re concerned about the moisture levels in your kitchen/bathroom, or you’re worried that your shutters will come into direct contact with water – then worry no more - our Waterproof range has you covered.
Not only do our Café Style shutters come in all our hardwood and polyvinyl ranges, but they also come in all our colours and stains as well.

From Pure White to Clay, and Natural to Walnut, we have a wide range to ensure your Café Style shutters look as good as they can. You can choose a painted colour to complement your windows and surrounds or choose a sultry stain to show off the beautiful grain of our hardwood products.

Cafe style shutters by The Shutter Store

If you’re still not sure which design is best for you, you can email us in your ‘before’ picture and we’ll help you design the perfect ‘after’!

Our friendly shutter experts are just a 
call away for tips on measuring, design or placing an order.