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How to make shutters

3:07PM 26 February 2021

Learning how to make shutters from scratch can be a rewarding project, but there's a lot more involved than the vast majority of people are looking for. It requires woodworking skills that go beyond a typical DIY project, and takes experience to get it right.

Having said that, here at The Shutter Store, we have the perfect middle-ground for people who want to install their own shutters, flex their DIY muscles, AND save money!



How to Make Shutters: (The Hard way)

❌ Source your own sustainable materials
❌ Cut all materials to size and your windows exact specs
❌ Manufacture slats, rods and shutter parts
❌ Source specialist shutter paint and apply multiple layers
❌ Attach hinges, magnet plates and rod mechanisms

How to make Shutters: (The Easy way)

✅ Let us do all of the hard work for you!



What are the benefits of choosing The Shutter Store?

✔️ You save time as the shutters come pre-assembled.

✔️ You save money compared to paying for a carpenter/full measure-and-fit company.

✔️ You save effort! As you sit back and we do the hard work for you!



At The Shutter Store, we’ve perfected the shutter process based on years of experience and feedback from our many customers. There’s a reason we have so many glowing reviews from people who were looking for a better way to get a custom set of shutters in their home.

With our unique shutter-buying process, all you have to do is measure your windows or doors following our helpful guides. After that, it’s just a matter of placing your order and installing your pre-made shutters when they arrive.

The whole process of making shutters is so much easier when you let us help with the parts of it that we do best. This includes sourcing quality and sustainable materials, supplying the best hardware, and offering personalised help and advice from our team of experts. You stay in complete control and design every aspect of your order- we simply make it for you!

How To Assemble Your Window Shutters

After placing your order, your custom shutters will be delivered directly to your door. The majority of our customers have a very easy time with assembly and installation - even if they aren’t experienced with DIY projects, but if you run into any problems with your DIY shutters, we’re always here to help.

Why not read home renovator Clara's blog on how easy she found installing her shutters, including some very useful top tops for fitting! Follow the link to her Instagram account and click on her renovation blog.




How To Install Your Window Shutters

To read a more in-depth explanation of each step, read our installation guides.

-Your shutters will arrive at your door in several boxes, and each box will be labelled to let you know exactly where to place it in correspondence with the windows in your home. This ensures a smooth installation process where you aren’t running back and forth trying to organise parts from different boxes.

-You’ll need a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, and a level. Everything else, such as the hardware, is all included in the packages you’ll receive.

-Start by opening the boxes, and flattening them to use as a surface during the assembly process.


-Assemble the frames by laying them on the floor, positioning them next to each other, and using the small bow-tie pieces to securely connect them. After that, you’ll affix the shutter frame to your windows. You can pre-drill the holes to make it a little easier.

-The next step is to attach the shutter panels to the frame simply using hinge pins. The process will vary slightly depending on the style of shutter, so we’ll give you specific instructions tailored to your order.

-All that’s left is attaching a small strip to hide the screw-holes, and that's it! You can step back and enjoy your handy work!


What Are The Alternatives?

You could hire a carpenter to build and install your shutters, but creating bespoke furniture from a carpenter takes time and money. As long as you’re okay with attaching frame pieces and drilling the frame onto the wall, you’ll be able to save yourself a small fortune, while still enjoying a completely custom experience to provide you with your dream shutters.

Another option is to learn how to make shutters and to do all of the work yourself, but if you don’t already have the materials, a workshop, and a lot of specific tools, making your own will cost a lot more money, take a lot more time, and there’s a lot more room for error.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to get started on your DIY Shutter journey, email our expert team, or get started by exploring the website for all the information and inspiration you could need!