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Shutter Tilt Rod Options

12:00PM 14 December 2023

Shutters aren’t just about adding some panache to your windows. Well, not just that. What shutters offer is the perfect balance of light, privacy, and style. The tilt rod plays a significant role in all three of these departments. But what are shutter tilt rods, and what are the different options? Good questions. If you give us just a couple of minutes of your attention, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.

Central Tilt Rods: Tradition Meets Function

Central tilt rods are the classic choice. They’re a traditional rod placed right in the centre of the shutter panel, providing a sturdy, easy-to-grip control, ensuring that your slats move together as one harmonious unit.

They’re perfect for accentuating the timeless beauty of a traditional shutter design, working wonders with classic décor and lending a touch of sophistication to any room. Sounds fancy, right?

Offset Tilt Rods: A Twist on Tradition

If you’re into traditional shutters but would rather have a more discrete tilt rod, offset is the way to go. Like central, they have a traditional rod running down the slats, but it’s positioned on the hinged side of the panel.

Offset tilt rods offer a cleaner and more streamlined appearance while still maintaining that classic aesthetic. They strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern, making them suitable for a wide range of décor styles. Struggling to round off your shabby chic living room? Right this way.

Clearview Tilt Rods: Sleek and modern

Clearview tilt rods take a more contemporary approach. They consist of a discrete metal bar on the reverse side of the panel. This clever design keeps your shutters looking sleek and uncluttered.

Clearview tilt rods are ideal for a more minimalist and modern interior. They allow for an unobstructed view and give your windows a cleaner, more open feel. We don’t like to play favourites, but they’re definitely in our top four.

Hidden Tilt Rods: The Ultimate in Elegance

We don’t play favourites, but it’s something our customers have no problem with, and hidden tilt rods take the title. As the name suggests, they’re totally invisible, with the mechanism sitting hidden within the shutter stile.

If you’re looking for the most modern and minimalist shutter on the market, you’ve found it. Their seamless and uncluttered look pairs perfectly with contemporary and upscale décor. If you’re all about clean lines, these are the tilt rods for you.

Choosing your perfect tilt rod

There’s no one-size-fits-all. Your choice of shutter tilt rods will depend on your personal preferences, existing décor, and chosen shutter style. Going for full height shutters in a rustic space? Consider central or offset rods. Landed on café style shutters in a contemporary kitchen? Hidden tilt rods are an excellent choice.

Don’t forget that you can always get in touch if you have any design questions. Contact us with your questions or get a free online quote today.