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Improve your conservatory's temperature with window shutters

3:39PM 27 August 2021

A conservatory can be one of the most pleasant areas of a home for anyone who is fortunate enough to have one, but with so many windows and so much glass, it can be terribly difficult and expensive to control the temperature to keep it comfortable year-round.

Interior window shutters are the answer to improving your ability to control the temperature in your conservatory while still looking great!

Interior window shutters
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How to make a conservatory warmer in the winter

Does your conservatory get chilly in the winter? It’s a common issue, and if you don’t want to see your heating bill skyrocket, then there are two important things you’ll want to do.
  • Take advantage of the sunlight during the day to capture whatever warmth you can.
  • Prevent the heat inside of your conservatory from escaping.
When you have a regular room with insulated walls, the temperature is easier to control because the wall acts as a buffer, and it is insulated. That’s where shutters can help - they act as an extra barrier in your conservatory, keeping the warm air further away from the cold windows.

Our custom-fabricated shutters will fit the windows in your conservatory perfectly, allowing you to create an extra layer to keep the warmer indoor air from being chilled by the windows. Also, since shutters are so easy to open, you can take advantage of any sunny mornings and early afternoons in the winter months.



Keeping Cool in the Summer

Not only can shutters help you regulate the temperature in your home during the colder months, but they can also help you stay cooler in the summer for a lot of the same reasons.
Shutters will block the hot rays of the sun from shining directly into your conservatory, which helps to keep the room cooler. Blocking the direct sunlight with shutters is one of the best ways to help keep a room from getting too hot, especially in a conservatory.


Half solid raised shutters

Getting Your Own Interior Wood Shutters

We can help you order the perfect wood shutters for your conservatory using our simple order form. We’ll instruct you on how to measure the windows in your conservatory, and we’ll give you a full installation kit. Many homeowners are able to install their interior window shutters very easily, with minimal effort, in a short amount of time. If you run into any challenges along the way, we’re always here to help.