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10 ways to get a high-end interior look for less

12:50PM 19 August 2019

It’s always a good thing to give our environments an upgrade – in fact it’s a natural impulse to want to improve our homes. But sometimes the purse strings get pulled just a little bit too tightly to work through our interior wish lists. It’s just as well that home improvement doesn’t have to cost the earth. So here we provide some helpful ways to make effective interior design changes on a budget, including our made-to-measure shutters!

1. Home is where the art is 

Create a high end look for less The Shutter Store
Simon Dixon pop print. Image by Anna Stathaki 
Instead of spending big on a lot of art, you can treat yourself to one large piece that really sets the tone of a room, captivating the eye in the process. Go bold, not cold – or for something that really intrigues visitors - to make a stylish talking point.

2.  Mirror, mirror  

Like art, a mirror’s impact is considerably increased by raising the scale. Neither does it overwhelm a space – mirrors only serve to open things up and make a room lighter. Show off your room’s charms twice over!
Tip: An effective and cheaper alternative to using a large mirror is to use smaller glass tiles which usually come at a much more wallet-friendly price.

3. Lighten your life – light on your pocket

How to achieve a high end look for less The Shutter Store
Image credit: Fritz Fryer 

Why not make a real style statement with a luxurious-looking lamp? A great way of upscaling your environment is with a light feature like a chandelier or some pendant lights to go over dining areas. Achieving the look is cheaper than you might imagine - there are many affordable chandeliers available on eBay. Start on your hallway, staircase or dining table and lighten up your life!

4. Shutters

made to measure shutters The Shutter Store

Plantation shutters are a perfect way of achieving a high-end interior look for less. They add a classic, timeless element to any room and by installing them yourself you get to trim a substantial amount from an installer’s fee – up to 40%!

Sarah Beeny, The Shutter Store’s brand ambassador, says:You need to try and use clever materials that look expensive, even if they are actually really affordable, and then fit them beautifully. Made-to-measure shutters are a really good example of this – they require much less effort than you think and the end product is really beautifully executed.”

5. Hardwood is good  

Wall-to-wall carpeting certainly enhances a home’s comfort factor, but it’s fair to say that it doesn’t add much of a sense of elegance. Hardwood floors offer a classic look at an affordable price. It’s a long-lasting, quality material and birch or oak varieties are usually less expensive than cherry. Hardwood floors are elegant, durable and practical – and they also look great!
Tip: If you like to maintain a cosy cocoon of comfort then why not keep carpeting on the stairs and upper levels of your home whilst opting for hardwood floors downstairs. This way you don’t have to worry about people wearing shoes downstairs, especially if guests need to get into the garden through the home. 

 6. Comforting cushions

10 ways to get a high end interior look The Shutter Store
Image credit: Home Stratosphere
Cushions are a great way of providing comfort and they’re also very easy on the eye when you enter a room. Some people prefer thinner types of cushions and some love to plump for the plush – so why not go for a combination of both?
Busy, clashing patterns can create a cluttered look, so it’s best to maintain a theme by opting for less colours and matching designs. And don’t go overboard on the amounts of cushions you keep otherwise you’ll begin to feel hemmed in by your own accessories!

7. Painting by (low) numbers

One of the best ways to achieve a high-end interior look for less is by applying a fresh lick of paint to your walls. It’s remarkable how new tones can alter the feel of your living environment.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to paint with restraint! Many people get put off from using calmer, more neutral tones because they feel that their walls will be dull as a result. The truth is, a more muted colour can be hugely effective, especially in smaller spaces that are north facing. Leave it up to your artwork, accessories and furnishings to take care of imprinting your personality into a space.

8. A touch of class

10 ways to get a high end interior look The Shutter Store
Traditional doorbell by Priors
Classy items make an impression, much like certain parts of our bodies make impressions over the years. It’s worth splashing out on the little things that we take for granted - the objects we need to touch regularly - such as pillows, bed linens, upholstered furniture, door and cabinet knobs and doorbells. And on a budget, this obviously means taking our time. But it’s worth it, because things we regularly touch need to last longer otherwise they’ll wear out, it’s as simple as that. By doing this, you can save money on items that you’re not going to come into contact with as much.

9. Coving  

You don’t have to live in a period home to enjoy the benefits of coving, which adds a sophisticated feel to most interior living spaces. Suppliers can provide read-to-mount mouldings of different lengths and widths. With a purpose designed adhesive you can quickly turn a plain setting into a room rich with character.

10. Make space for your place

10 ways to get a high end interior look The Shutter Store
Image credit: The Shutter Store 
Finally, bringing out the best in your high-end investments dictates that you filter out your less-than-favourite items where you can. Stick to your essentials. The greater your space, the more special and looked-after each piece will feel.

Fitting our made-to-measure shutters will instantly and easily improve the look of your home. If you’d like to order some shutter samples, we’ll send you three in your choice of range and colour within a few days.

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