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Fresh, fun ideas for kids’ bedrooms

9:19PM 18 April 2018

Back to basics

As all mums and dads know, kids grow up fast! And as they grow, and inevitably acquire more stuff, they take up more space. Their likes and dislikes also mature. So future-proofing has to be a consideration. We offer tips on injecting colour below – but first how to create a space that’s kid-proof! Wipe-clean paint for the walls is a good place to start – special kitchen and bathroom paint is ideal. A hard-wearing flooring such as painted boards will take a lot of punishment but needn’t look cold if part-covered by a brightly coloured rug. Or a more unusual covering such as rubber can tick aesthetic boxes - it feels warm on the skin and comes in a range of colours – while making financial sense because of its durability.

Choose a bright contrast

Bold colours create a young feel and appeal to a kid’s sense of fun. However painting every surface a new colour every year as their tastes mature will feel like a chore – and it’s expensive. Instead get the cheerful, airy feel by painting a the room in off-white and highlighting in a feature colour such as yellow – which can be both fresh and warm and is not exclusive to either boys or girls. Hot coral is an ideal accent for girl’s rooms – team it with pinks for that princess look when they are small, or on its own as a sophisticated contrast when they grow out of all that girly stuff. If you keep your base neutral then your accent can be reinforced by accessories such as bed linen or wall art in the accent shade. These can be picked up cheaply and are easy to replace as soon as they start to look dated – or to make way for a new accent colour.

More is more

If you and your child are over the old pink-blue dichotomy, then a kaleidoscope of bright colours is trend-setting and not dull. Even this will want freshening up or updating, so instead of getting the effect with paint or wallpaper, get the colour pop you want from your choice of furniture. A set of shelves holding storage boxes in contrasting bright colors will brighten up a room (and can teach tidy habits). A striped rainbow rug is an instant spectrum of colour, and adding colourful shuttersis another great way to brighten things up – as well as being a good, easy-to-maintain solution.

Go vintage

Retro styling and vintage pieces have been in for some time. If that’s your look at home then why not carry that on into the children’s rooms. As the biggest piece of furniture, the bed creates the feel for the entire space – so start with that. A vintage-style iron bed frame sets the tone immediately. Make it more youthful by choosing one in a colour such as pink or blue – well, it is a traditional look! IKEA have children’s metal beds that even extend as they grow. And the slim frame means there’s plenty of storage under the bed. Additional storage could be a stack of fabric-lined vintage suitcases, to maintain the look, or old tea chests for toy boxes. Vintage-style bed linen in patchwork or boat prints gives a classic feel that is still fun.

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