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Fall for the charms of café style shutters

8:56PM 18 April 2018

Dressing a window from top to bottom isn’t always necessary. After all, you might want to make sure a room still receives as much light as possible by leaving part of the window uncovered. Or it could be that passers-by can only see in through the lower part of the window because of the level of the pavement outside. Really lucky and not overlooked at all? Let’s face it, going without a window treatment entirely can make your room look unfinished. The solution? Café style shutters are the stylish and practical choice in all these scenarios.

Café style shutters on street-front windows

If a small slice of front garden or even less is what separates the interior of your home from passing pedestrians and cars, stopping people taking a look in is a good idea. Hang nets and your home will look likes it’s in a time warp; hang curtains and they won’t be any help in daylight hours.

That’s where café style shutters come in. They’ll cover the lower part of the window to spoil the fun of the nosey, but they’ll prevent the room turning into a cave.

Shutters for bathrooms and home offices

Café style shutters aren’t just the natural choice for rooms that face the street. Try them for a bathroom so a splash in the tub doesn’t attract an audience but the room’s still light filled. And how about a home office area? Controlling the light so screens are easy to see is easy with louvred shutters, and covering just the lower section of the window will be enough when you’re sitting down at a desk.

Size shutters to the window

Think café style shutters and you might picture covering up the lower half of the window – which looks great – but our shutters are far more flexible. They can be designed so they finish higher up the glass making for a balance of privacy and light that’s just right for your room. This design versatility also means you have the option to work with the style of the window, matching the top of the shutter with the top of the frame of the lower pane, which is often three-quarters of the way up the window.

DIY shutters that save you money

Shutters look like a high-end choice for your home, but like the rest of our ranges our café style shutters are top quality at bargain prices. The key to making big savings is you. DIY fitting equals major savings, and we give you all the know-how you need to measure and fit (and don’t worry, it’s really easy).

Considering materials? Our made to measure café style shutters come as MDF or wooden designs. They’re equally chic, and give you the option to show off beautifully grained hardwood that can introduce an organic element or a sophisticated colour from our palette to your room, or pick our fantastically priced MDF versions that promise strength, durability and a choice of wonderful neutral shades.