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A cheat's guide to shutters – all the styles explained

9:08PM 18 April 2018

Plantation shutters

The classic, and the most popular shutter style by far. Plantation shutters are defined by their slats, making them versatile and offering you complete control over light levels. Within the Plantation shutters umbrella though there are plenty of options. Smaller slats are good for small windows (on a landing for example)  but for large expanses of glass or just to get a feel that is bang up-to-date then consider chunkier slats – our slat sizes go up to a very generous 114mm.

Best for: Any room you can think of!

Solid panel shutters

Solid panel shutters have no slats – instead they are made from a single panel, making them great for reducing noise and blacking light out from a bedroom. These shutters are most associated with historic houses, so if you want an authentic look for your Georgian townhouse then look no further. However their clean-lined simplicity has also made them popular with minimalist, architectural spaces too. We also provide shutters with a solid panel lower section and slated section above, just right for French doors with glass only in the upper half.

Best for: Creating a historic feel, or a bedroom black-out

Tier-on-tier shutters

If you need versatile shutters with maximum flexibility then tier-on-tier – also known as Venetian shutters – provide just that. The upper and lower tiers are controlled separately, meaning you can let light in from the top while screening your room on the lower tier. Got a sunny, south-facing room? Then this style will be ideal for stopping the sun dazzling you no matter where it is in the sky. They have a classic look to them, making them perfect for Victorian homes, but their adaptability makes them a great fit in most homes.

Best for: Classic interiors schemes and Victorian bay windows

Café-style shutters

Café-style shutters are fitted only to the lower half of your window, so they are great for screening a room from the street or providing privacy without blocking light or a the view. Fancy lying in the bath unseen while still gazing up at the sky? Or need something chic to stop you staring out of the window in your home-office? Then these smart shutters are the ones for you.

Best for: Adding privacy to street-facing rooms

Waterproof shutters

Some people might hesitate to use shutters in a space full of humidity, but selecting waterproof shutters means you not only have shutters that can stand up to the steamiest of spaces, you also have the benefit of a hygienic, wipe-clean surface that’s much easier to clean than fabric blinds. Great for privacy, shutters are also good for insulation, so you can be cosy while you bathe too.

Best for: Bathrooms, wetrooms, even close to the shower

That’s the basics covered, but we offer many variations, from shutters tailored to awkward window shapes to custom colours and finishes. Find out more about our full range here.