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2018's interior trends

8:42PM 18 April 2018

DIY project 1: put up shutters

When it comes to dressing your windows, a fuss-free treatment that makes a statement is the one to have. The only contender? Shutters. We love them because they suit period homes, but can give new-builds a touch of the character they might lack. They also make the outside of your home look better as well as the inside, beating other window choices hands down.

What’s more, you don’t need to have bags of DIY experience to put them up. If you can hang a shelf, you can fit our shutters successfully. What do you need in your toolbox? A drill’s essential and a cordless version is a definite bonus; a spirit level is a must-have, too; you’ll also need a small hammer and a Phillips screwdriver, plus fixings for your window. After that, we’ll send you everything you need. Easy, no?

DIY project 2: hang a large artwork

Creating a truly individual display with a gallery of pictures or photos is still a big interior trend, but for 2018 think about adopting a real gallery look by swapping lots of small images for one large one. Don’t forget that you’ll need your spirit level ready to ensure the impact of the piece isn’t compromised by a tilt to one side or the other.

DIY project 3: create a feature ceiling

Always play it safe with a white ceiling when you’re decorating? Be bold with 2018’s trend for turning ceilings into the fifth wall with a colour or pattern of their own. Wallpapering a ceiling is harder than working on a wall, but not beyond the skills of a competent DIYer. Bear in mind, though, that ceilings are well lit so mistakes will show, and a good tape measure is essential to make your work accurate.

DIY project 4: embrace ultra violet

Ultra violet – a blue-based purple – is the colour of 2018 according to Pantone, the hugely influential providers of colour language standards. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, called it a ‘dramatically provocative’ shade, and Pantone suggests using the punchy colour for a ‘tufted couch, piece of art or accent wall’. Trying the latter? For accurate results, make sure you have brushes for cutting in – that’s the painting you do by adjacent surfaces like skirting boards and coving to keep everything neat. A 2 or 3 inch brush is useful here, but for a harder to reach spot, go for a 1 to 1.5 inch instead.

DIY project 5: revamp your kitchen

White kitchens have been a hit for a while, but 2018’s kitchen trends are a little more interesting. Think two painted finishes: for example, a bold colour for an island and a subtler shade for base and wall units. Or go for a wood finish alongside a manmade door within your cabinetry selection. If you don’t need to work on the layout of your kitchen, swapping old cabinets for new ones is a straightforward job for a DIY fan. Remove the old designs carefully so you don’t damage the walls – a utility knife is your friend when it comes to removing the caulk from the edges of old cabinets.

DIY project 6: introduce pink

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a childish candy shade, but a rather gorgeous dusky take on the colour that’s called Heart Wood and is Dulux’s colour of the year 2018. It’s a colour that can be used all round a room, or to create a feature area (for example behind shelves), or even a striped effect. If you’ve decided on stripes, make sure you use painter’s tape to mark out the edges of the stripes when you paint so your lines are crisp.

DIY project 7: make yours a spa bathroom

You don’t need to travel to a boutique hotel to get the look if you’re prepared to invest a little time into a makeover to take a bathroom from functional to fabulous. Changing the tiles can give the room a luxury vibe. The cheap but vital tool to keep to hand for a job like this? A sponge to wipe away excess grout. Miss this step and you’ll leave a haze on the tiles that will compromise the finished effect. All you need to do is dampen the sponge and wipe once grout’s been applied and you’ll leave tiles clean.