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Shutters explained here

Shutter parts glossary

  1. A shutter Frame houses the shutter panel. A frame can fix directly to your window or into the wall inside a recess.
  2. The Mouse hole is recessed in the rail, it’s where the front push rod sits when the slats are tilted closed.
  3. Top and bottom Rails construct the panel and enclose the shutter slats. A middle rail can be added where required.
  4. Slats tilt and rotate to control the light levels and view, we offer 4 slat sizes.
  5. Stiles are the vertical rails either side of the panel. 
  6. The Central Tilt Rod is a thin vertical wood bar connected to the front of slats. When moved it controls the slat position.

Shutter Rods.

image showing exposed and hidden push rod systems

Central Tilt Rod A thin wooden tilt rod on the front of the panel. It is used to open and close the slats and is the more traditional design option.

Hidden Rod A mechanism is hidden within the stile which connects all the slats. Moving a single slat at the front of panel with your finger controls all the slats in the panel. This is a more contemporary design option.

Slat Sizes

Slat size options illustration showing 47mm to 114mm