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Why buy shutters - reasons for using interior shutters
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Benefits of shutters

Window Shutters offer many benefits over the more traditional window furnishing options. Due to their bespoke finish, shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape. Shutters offer complete flexibility, with how you control the light, they are low maintenance, help with sound insulation, afford privacy and actually help to insulate your home from the cold.

The benefits of choosing shutters for your windows:

Low maintenance and health benefits

Compared to more traditional window coverings, interior shutters require very little maintenance. An occasional quick wipe down will keep them clean. Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner it does in fabric curtains and blinds. A build-up of dust can become a breeding ground for dust mites. Plantation shutters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid dusty environments.

Privacy and perceived security.

Particularly suitable for properties adjacent to streets, the lower louvres of a shutter panel can be tilted closed, whilst the top section louvres tilted open or indeed top panels in tier on tier shutters, can be opened right back. You can control the light in your property but your privacy is always maintained.

Sound and thermal insulation

When the panel doors and louvres are closed the shutters provide a layer of sound insulation. The timber barrier insulates your room, keeping warmth in during the winter thus helping to reduce your heating bills. In the summer, opening your windows and keeping panels closed assists in keeping unwanted heat out, whilst allowing the air to circulate.

UV protection and flexible light control.

Shutter louvres can be angled to control how much light enters a room to the extent that harmful UV rays can be directed away in order to protect furniture and flooring. When more light is required, shutter panels can be fully opened back to allow a clear view through the window. The shutters themselves are finished with an invisible UV protective layer. This protects the paint or wood stain finish from fading and prevents the panels from warping.

Investment and curb appeal.

Because interior shutters are now such a desired window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment for your home. They can disguise unsightly PVC windows and because they are a permanent fixture, they could help increase the potential price of your property.