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Shutters 2008 - An Expert View

(The following article is an exert, taken from November 2008’s edition of DWC Magazine.)

“Shutters are one of the original window coverings – the most classic of treatments. They will continue to increase in popularity as consumers seek quality products that are an investment over the long term. Shutters add to the appreciation and resale value of a home and provide architectural detail in addition to boosting high R values and exceptional UV protection.

In today’s marketplace are carefully considering all of their purchases, looking for dependable brands, backed by a warranty. It is therefore imperative that you select a shutter company with a quality product, strong brand presence and good credentials.”

Murray Clark, Director of The Shutter Store.

“2008 has seen continued growth for us although there have been challenges along the way. We believe that shutters consumers should be offered a premium quality product at an exceptionally competitive price. There should be no trade of in quality, just to get a cheap price.

People are certainly shopping around a lot more. Delivering fantastic service is essential, to help you stand out from the crowd. It’s not only your actual shutters that have to be superb - so too does your product knowledge and commitment to deliver the shutters with outstanding service. Your customers are making a long term investment and want to feel secure that you will be around to help in 5 years time and not disappear from radar after a couple of months.”

November 13, 2008