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Wimbeldon Shutters are Tier on Tier Triumph

1 are now very popular in London and nowhere more so than in Wimbledon. Dan lived in a typical victorian property in Wimbledon, one of London's suburbs and had 1 that were ideal for wooden shutters. He had seen similar plantation shutters installed on other victorian properties on his street and decided that this flexible window treatment would be just the solution for his home. Dan continues

"I have to say right away how impressed I am overall with the service and shutters that we received from The Shutter Store. We live in a street in Wimbledon that had many homes with plantation shutters installed and the majority of them had the tier on tier shutters design where you can leave the bottom section of shutters closed over and open the top panels back. We still have the original sash windows installed in our Wimbledon home and shutters really lend themselves to this sort of window.

My main source of research into plantation shutters was looking online at different shutter companies. There are a number of shutters companies in Wimbledon and surrounding areas that install shutters, but once I had got the quotes I decided that this was not an avenue I wanted to follow!

I would your shutters company online and found the shutter shop a great feature which allowed you to see you shutters before you bought them. I found the whole experience genuinely excellent. Very personal and thoughtful which was great when you are buying something so expensive online. This really gave me comfort that I was making the right choices in buying my shutters from you.

My best advice to customers buying shutters is don't be scared! The Shutter Store rings you back to check all the details you have put into the website and you can make changes with no problems. I was just a little unsure about how much gap to leave but the 1helped and the staff member who called me back made sure that everything was correct.

The shutters arrived as promised and were simple to install. Surprisingly, the biggest single advantage about my new tier on tier shutters is their heat retention. The shutters act like secondary glazing and keep the draughts out of my old sash windows."

April 02, 2014

Thanks for taking the time to tell us a great story about your tier on tier shutters. The call back service is given to everyone who orders shutters with us to make sure that the details are correct and this gives customers real piece of mind that their shutters will arrive correctly, ready to install! Also, heat retention is another bonus that people find when they 1. It helps avoid the costs of putting in secondary glazing too!