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Shutters So Good Alan Keeps Coming Back

When Alan from Northampton saw wood shutters featured on a home makeover programme, he knew right away that they’d be a great window covering for his home. Having placed his initial order for one window, Alan went on to order shutters for another 2 sets of windows and a French door. As Alan tells us, he is more than happy with the end result…

“Having seen shutters featured on one of those home makeover programmes, I thought they’d be ideal for our house. I was aware of wood shutters and had seen them advertised in magazines but it wasn’t until I saw them featured on TV that I thought they’d be the perfect solution. 
So, I went looking online and that’s where I found you. I was initially searching for a full installation to contact for my shutters, but when I started reading through your website I felt it sounded easy enough to measure and install. It all certainly sounded very easy!

I was looking for wood shutters for a number of windows but decided to order a step at a time and placed an order for one window initially. I chose white shutters as I felt that the white shutters would match all decors throughout my home. The slats I chose having spoken to you guys directly and taking your advice into account. (I should say that your phone and email contact was second to none and really helped reassure me that all would be fine!). The website itself and the shutter shop gave me all the information I needed to choose my shutters panel configuration.

My only advice to anyone considering purchasing and installing your shutters is not to worry. It is a very simple exercise and the staff at The Shutter Store are always on hand to advice over the telephone. I find there are a couple of advantages. Firstly they are different from the normal window dressing and certainly my windows do get second glances from passers-by and my wife has had neighbours ask where we purchased our shutters. The second and my preference is they keep the room nice and dark until they are opened. I was so happy with the first lot of shutters, I’ve ordered shutters on 2 subsequent occasions and they are all just super. Overall I am a very 1!

April 02, 2014