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Reading Shutters are Inspired!

When Ms Mealing from Reading was looking for inspiration when decorating her son’s bedroom, a magazine gave her just the idea she was looking for. Having had curtains in the room, they had faded and were in need of repair. Gathering dust, and with her son not prone to grab a duster to keep them clean, it was definitely time for a change. As Ms Mealing continues…. .

“I felt shutters were the right solution as they are very attractive, very secure, natural material, good blackout properties, and suited the ‘nautical’ theme of my son’s bedroom! We did previously have curtains in the room but these faded and got very dusty quite quickly. Having decided upon shutters I researched online and via high street outlets. Only the online companies proved to be responsive and cost effective. When I looked at the details on your website, I found the details easy to understand and had no hesitation in our ability to install the shutters. I knew we had the necessary skill to be able to install the shutters ourselves!

All communication with The Shutter Store was superb – and trust me - I am quite fussy! When measuring your instructions were very clear plus we had some flexibility in sizing so absolute sizing was not so critical. With regards to design choices, we felt that brilliant white was not suited to our period home and went with an off white colour.

April 02, 2014

It’s surprising how effective shutters can be in stopping road traffic noise and this is something that few people think about before ordering their shutters. As they act like a solid barrier when the slats are closed the definitely help provide another barrier between the outside of the property and the room. Glad you liked them and make sure you pass on the good word to your friends.