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Special Shapes

Explore Our Stylish Collection of Shaped Shutters

Some of the most beautiful homes have unusual-shaped windows, however dressing them can be a real challenge. Perhaps your window is round or slanted or includes panes which are trapezoid or tapered in shape. Shutter blinds are like bespoke furniture for your windows, they can be custom built to match an exact shape, layout, and size. They not only offer a stylish finish but the added flexibility for controlling light and privacy in the room. Shutters have long been the window covering of choice and they will certainly add value and curb appeal to your property.

White shutters in three large arched windows

We offer 21 different Shaped Shutters but tell us if you cannot see what you require in our guide. To begin your journey please download our shaped shutters guide. Its also a good idea to email us a clear photo of your window so we can fully understand your requirements.
Once you are ready to proceed we ask that you follow the steps below

  • Design and measure your windows as per our specialist shape guide.
  • Submit your order using the width and height of your shaped window. Order from our Hardwood range and select Full Height shutter style.
  • It is important you add some extra information in the special notes section which is found towards the end of the ordering process.
  • In Special Notes:   1. Confirm the shape name e.g., Arch 1   2. Provide the additional dimensions (A, B) that we request in our specialist guide.   
  • Due to the extra work at manufacturing these shutters carry a surcharge of £295 per shape. This cost is in addition to the Square Meter price for the order.
  • Our team will contact you on receipt of the order to collect the surcharge and to confirm the design, special details, and sizes.


Rest assured nothing starts in production until we have supplied you with a detailed drawing confirming how your shaped shutters will look. We include dimensions so you can check all is as required before we proceed.
Shaped shutters take approx. 2 weeks longer in production.
Whatever your window shape, adding our elegant shutters is sure to make a fabulous style statement. Click download for our Shapes Design & Measure Guide