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Essential Hybrawood Shutters

At The Shutter Store we love plantation shutters. They’re stylish, practical and really do make a big visual impact in your home. Our best-selling Essential Hybrawood plantation shutters are ideal for any room in your home. 

But what are we referring to when we talk about plantation window shutters?

Well, unlike a solid shutter (traditionally installed in many Victorian homes), ‘plantation shutters’ refers to the louvred design where the slats can tilt to various angles.

The name derives from plantations in the deep south of the US where wooden shutters, most often with fixed position slats, were installed on the outside of the main plantation home. Over time, these developed so that the blades or louvres could be titled to shield the interior from the bright sunlight.


What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

  • ​Control natural light that brightens your rooms
  • Maintain your family's privacy
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Custom-made designs to suit your home
  • A range of styles and colours
  • Thermally insulating
  • Save costs with DIY shutter solutions

Rise in Popularity of Wood Plantation Shutters

Since then of course, these shutters have evolved and become more sophisticated in their design and refined in their manufacture.

Their popularity in the UK started around the early 2000’s. Before then, plantation shutters had risen considerably in popularity in the US since the 1970’s. At that time, wood plantation shutters accounted for less than 2% of window treatments but by the late 1990’s they were accounting for a steady 25% of window coverings.

They are very much a mainstay alongside a trend and that has been mirrored here in the UK. You can see many great examples of UK homeowners' plantation shutters in our Customer Stories section. The great thing about our window shutters is that they are made-to-measure, so you'll get a window dressing solution that perfectly matches your home. From monochrome greys and whites, to vibrant blue, green or red, we've got an array of plantation design options. 

Why Essential Plantation Shutters from The Shutter Store?

The desirability of wooden shutters has always been there, but their popularity has increased as they have become more affordable. Initially, when they came onto the UK market, the vast majority of plantation shutters were custom made from a variety of hardwoods (such as poplar and basswood).

With rising demand and advancements in production techniques our manufacturers have introduced Polyvinyl slat to our paulownia shutters, essentially a hybrid plantation shutters.  This has helped lower the cost of the product, which in terms lowers the selling price. It also gives you the most structurally sound shutter in the UK, as the polyvinyl slats have an integral aluminium core, which ensures maximum durability.

Take a look at our technical specification.

Why choose DIY plantation shutters?

When looking for an affordable plantation shutter solution, our DIY shutters are the perfect choice. You'll be able to save significant amounts when compared to the price of full-service shutter installations and the best thing is is that they're incredibly easy to install.

We have a huge range of guides and videos to help you through every step of the installation process. So, you'll always have our expertise.

Want to find out more about plantation blinds?

Don’t sit there scratching your head. Email us some photos of your windows and we’ll help you take the first step to transforming your home with plantation shutters.