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Refunds Policy provided for e-commerce by The Shutter Store. Please read full terms before ordering with us.

This is a section taken from our terms and conditions. Please read full terms before ordering with us.

3. Order Cancellation by You (Custom-made Goods)
3.1 Orders may only be cancelled & refunded if you request this before the production of your shutters begins. Production only begins after You have accepted your finalised order, following the phone call with our team.
3.2 Orders which proceed to production following Our office phone call with You, cannot later be cancelled. As soon as order details are agreed over the phone, the production process begins that same day. It may sometimes be possible to amend the paint colour but only if this stage of the process has yet to commence. Please speak to our team for clarification.

4. Order Cancellation by Us
4.1 In certain situations it may be necessary for Us to cancel Your order. This may be due to a production issue with Our manufacturing plant, or other circumstances outside of Our control. In the event of this occurring We will notify you via e-mail and re-credit any money debited at order placement.
4.2 We will not be liable for any compensation payment in the event of order cancellation by Us.
4.3 TSS Ltd will have no liability whatsoever to You for any damage or consequential loss caused by TSS Ltd cancelling Your order in accordance with clause 4.1 above.