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Homemade Christmas gift ideas you’ll love

Be creative this festive season with our favourite DIY gift ideas. They’re fun to make, friends and family will welcome them, and your efforts will get you in the festive mood.

A homemade Christmas gift can mean so much more to the recipient than a shop-bought present. They’ll know you put time and thought into it, of course, plus – as you’re ‘do it yourselfing’ – it’s possible to really make it personal. Take a look at these homemade gift ideas.

Pic (Right): Dunelm

 Make soap

Homemade soap is a gift you can adapt to suit the recipient perfectly when it comes to fragrances and even bar shapes, so it’s a gift for any family member or friend. First-time soap-makers can invest in a kit with all that’s required, or you can shop for the individual ingredients. Find soap-making supplies from stores such as Hobbycraft, or shop for the necessary items with specialist suppliers such as The Soap Kitchen.


Create a snow globe

Snow globes are a tradition that’s worth continuing – and if you give one as a gift it can become a feature of the recipient’s decorations for many years to come. You can make a traditional Christmas scene for the interior of the globe, or give it an individual twist with figures or a setting that mean something to your family member. All you’ll need is a clean glass jar, white plasticine, white glitter, epoxy glue, water and glycerin together with figurines and any landscape features such as trees. Model railway people or other plastic or ceramic designs will work, but don’t use metal as it will rust.


Use the plasticine to make the snowy landscape in the jar lid and glue the figures and features like trees in place. Leave to dry. Fill the jar with water, a little glitter and a little glycerin to make the snow. Stir to mix. Screw the lid on the jar to finish, then turn upside down and shake to make it snow.


Bake Christmas biscuits

If you know someone with a sweet tooth, baking them a batch of Christmas biscuits is sure to please. We like this recipe for Gingerbread people from BBC Good Food because it’s one kids will enjoy helping to make, but of course you can satisfy the gift-recipient’s tastebuds when it comes to the flavour of the seasonal biscuit. To make the gift extra special, present it in a tin or jar they can keep afterwards and tie with Christmas ribbon.


Design an indoor wreath

Here’s another homemade Christmas idea for a gift that a family member can enjoy year after year. Make a decorative indoor wreath and it can be hung in the window or from a shutter panel. All you’ll need is a polystyrene wreath as a base. Cover it in ribbon or fabric in Christmassy hues glued or pinned in place – or glue on pompoms or polystyrene balls given a coat of glitter (use PVA glue to stick it on). Use a piece of ribbon looped around the top of the ring to hang from the window frame or shutter.


Put together a hamper

How about assembling a collection of gifts and creating a festive hamper this year? It’s a simple but effective way of making shop-bought elements much more individual. Often a gift that suits gourmets, your selection could equally be one for a gardener, a crafter, a hobbyist… A wicker hamper’s traditional for food, but you can choose a container that suits the gift – we’re talking a planter for the green-fingered, or a basket for someone who’s handy with knitting needles, for example, so the carrier is a part of the present, too.

December 07, 2017