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9 ways to use the world’s favourite colour

A global survey by paper makers GF Smith revealed that a fresh teal they’ve named Marrs Green is the colour that most humans like best. Here’s how to use it to give your home an update

 Pic: Guy Archard


1 Colour refresh your walls

This teal is zingy, inspirational and lively, so it will make even a dark room feel welcoming… but if you want it to look sophisticated, match it with muted tones, such as greys, with textured finishes, such as wood, and with plenty of white to bounce light around. Choosing it for a kid’s room? It’s fun with lipstick pink (think on trend flamingo motifs), bright orange and acid yellow.

2 Splash it on the windows

Why not put this invigorating colour at your windows? Our colour match service lets you specify the exact shade of your new plantation window shutters, so you can have yours Marrs Green instead of plain old white. Our opinion? It’s a soothing shade for a bedroom and would look wonderful on our solid or full-height shutters.

3 Rethink your furniture

Paintbrush at the ready? Then why not give your dining chairs, an old chest of drawers, a wardrobe or even a console table a lick of Marrs Green? Choosing a stand-out shade is the perfect way to revamp a room quickly – and without spending a fortune.

4 Don’t stop at the furniture

Still got some paint left? Why not take it to the risers of a wooden staircase? Or use it on the front door? Or on interior door frames? For a contemporary feel, choose a satin finish over a gloss one and use the paint just once or twice throughout the house – it’s a bold shade, so you’ll want it to be a pleasant surprise not a recurring theme.

5 Put it outside

Marrs Green is named after Annie Marrs, who says the rich teal was inspired by the River Tay and the blue, grey and green tones she saw in it. So why not use some outside in your garden? In a contemporary courtyard, it’s wonderful on a wall as a backdrop to planting in lighter shades of green (imagine a yellow-green bamboo in front of it); in a more traditional garden, it’s pretty on an ironwork garden bench.

6 Adore it on the floor

Living with a neutral room – whether a bathroom or living space – that you’d like to pep up? Marrs Green is wonderful on the floor. For an all-white living space, look for a rug in a solid block of colour; for a bathroom, find patterned, Moroccan-style floor tiles with touches of teal for an exotic appeal.

7 Teal tiles look fabulous, too

We love, love, love a bathroom in this colour – so if you’ve gone all-white elsewhere in the room, tile a feature wall, such as the one behind the bath – in this rich, peacock shade. Not bold enough to put it in your bathroom permanently? Towels in teal look sumptuous, too.

8 Light up the room

If you’re going for walls in this teal, you’ll have to work hard to get the lighting levels right in the evening so that moody doesn’t slip into gloomy. However, if you’re using it as an accent shade in a pale room, why not choose a floor lamp or simply an over-sized pendant shade in Marrs Green? Just don’t forget that the light it throws out will be muted and blue-ish, so you’ll need to offset the effect with a warm bulb.

9 Accessorising is the easy way out

If Marrs Green is just too punchy for your pad, why not chuck a teal cushion or two in the direction of your sofa or bed? Or a throw? A picture frame on an otherwise understated shelf will draw the eye, and the odd mug on an open shelf or a vase in the centre of your dining table will do the trick, too. The key to success? Go understated rather than over the top with this beautiful shade.

August 10, 2017