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Solid Wood Shutters Raised Style 1100mm x 1100mm

With shutters becoming more and more popular in the UK, the Victorian and Edwardian homes are becoming the ideal window types to have the solid shutters installed especially those in London, Brighton and the remainder of the South East. 


SKU number: 163 Price £ 192.00

Tier On Tier Bay Window Shutters 1400mm x 1000mm

Tier on tier shutters are commonly known as double hung shutters. They are extremely popular on bay windows in the UK because of their versatility. By having the top and bottom panels , the lower panels are usually left totally closed over with the ...

SKU number: 186 Price £ 221.60

Traditional Wood Shutters 900mm x 1150mm

Traditional Shutters are also known as Plantation Shutters or American Shutters. Our shutters in the picture shown are made from Elm hardwood , they are kiln dried so there is no warping and twisting, covered in the black walnut stain and then they ...

SKU number: 188 Price £ 176.00

White Plantation Shutters For Self Install 1200mm x 950mm

White is the most popular colour for plantation shutters in the UK. The clean painted finish makes a room feel bright and airy and usually compliments any type of decor. With huge Victorian and Edwardian windows in the UK,Shutters not only give clea...

SKU number: 179 Price £ 180.80

Wooden Shutters From The Shutter Store UK 1050mm x 1950mm

For all you DIY shutter enthusiasts, The Shutter Store has introduced the opportunity to buy your shutters online saving on paying out for the measuring and installation costs that other companies will charge. All you need is to be handy with a...

SKU number: 409 Price £ 324.00