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Hardwood Interior Plantation Shutters 800mm x 1200mm

Our wood shutters are made from premium quality elm or poplar FSC certified hardwood. Our picture shows classic wood stain shutters from the elm wood range which shows the deep grain of the wood through the stain and matches the flooring perfectly.


SKU number: 178 Price £ 163.20

Interior Wooden Plantation Shutters For A Bathroom 1200mm x 1200mm

Whether you have a contemporary pad or the traditional home , plantation shutters are the ideal window solution.

The picture shown has all the traditional features in the bathroom and the interior wooden shutters really finish the room off to give ...

SKU number: 162 Price £ 228.00

New England Shutters For Self Install 1200mm x 1900mm

New England Style Shutters or also commonly known as Plantation Shutters are becoming more and more popular in the UK because they offer so many alternatives for you to use as a window treatment. Tier on Tier shutters give you the chance to have the...

SKU number: 413 Price £ 360.80

Nursery Shutters 1100mm x 800mm

Once a new baby is born into the family , its so important to ensure they get their daily naps and the only way to do this is to have a darkened nursery with no noise. Shutters are now the answer to your prayers. Made from either poplar or elm ...

SKU number: 166 Price £ 139.20

Plantation Shutters In Cloudy White 900mm x 900mm

We have addressed the cost of shutters by cutting out the measuring and installation costs so that when you order on line , you simply get the best product with the best price. Plantation shutters are simply growing to be the next big thin...

SKU number: 165 Price £ 192.00

Plantation Shutters1100mm x 1850mm

Plantation Shutters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK because of their versatility. With full height shutters , you have the chance to add a mid rail which breaks the louvres up so you can manouevre the louvres separately at the top and bo...

SKU number: 407 Price £ 322.40

Premier Shutters From 1175mm x 1775mm

Premier hardwood shutters are made fromFSC certified Hardwood. All our shutter panels and frames are kiln dried so there is no warping or twisting. Choose from our poplar wood range for painted shutters or if you are looking for a wood stain and wan...

SKU number: 411 Price £ 330.40

Self Install Bedroom Shutters 1800mm x 1200mm

As the recession bites our pockets even further, we have come up with the fantastic concept of self installing plantation shutters so that you are not paying potentially huge measuring and installation costs. Out go those old curtains and bedroom bl...

SKU number: 160 Price £ 171.20

Shutter Blinds From The Shutter Store UK 1250mm x 1300mm

Our photo shows the following features

  • Full Height Panels with a Mid Rail
  • 2 panels, 1 opening left, 1 opening right
  • Independant use of louvers top and bottom on panels
  • 64mm slats
  • Traditional Push Rod
  • Finished in Cloudy White paint from our s...

SKU number: 406 Price £ 257.60

Shutters at The Shutter Store

Their expertise in this area helps The Shutter Store loyal shutter customers to measure their windows in the correct way to ensure installation is made easy for them.

By reading through the comprehensive plantation shutter site, you will find in de...

SKU number: 405 Price £ 360.80

Sliding Folding Door Wood Shutters 1300mm x 1200mm

Sliding Folding doors are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK to ensure you bring the outside in to your home. The problem is what do you put up as a window covering once they are closed and that won't get in the way when you want to op...

SKU number: 167 Price £ 247.20

Solid Shutters From 1000mm x 1700mm

Solid Shutters are becoming more popular for those that need total blackout in the room for example cinema rooms or bedrooms / nurseries. Many of our customers that have new born children have enjoyed more rest with having the blackout shutters as t...

SKU number: 410 Price £ 269.60