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Poplar Bright White
Poplar Bright White

Once a new baby is born into the family , its so important to ensure they get their daily naps and the only way to do this is to have a darkened nursery with no noise. Shutters are now the answer to your prayers. Made from either poplar or elm hardwood, shutters are the perfect answer to give you nearly total blackout. If thats not enough you can also have a blackout blind sitting behind the shutter which cannot be seen as it is hidden by the frame to give you 100% blackout.

Plantation Shutters also insulate the window so keeping those traffic noises out and also ensure they keep nasty drafts away from the cot or bed.

All our shutters are made from FSC Certified hardwood so you also have peace of mind that you are also helping to keep your green credentials. The other fabulous thing about shutters is that they do not collect as much as dust as curtains or blinds therefore less allergies in the childrens bedroom whilst they are asleep.

Our product shown has the following features;

  • 64mm louvres with a push rod
  • Finished in Bright White paint from our standard paint range
  • 2 Panels, 1 opening left , 1 opening right

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Lots of our customers spend time redecorating the nursery or if its your first child then re allocating the spare room to the nursery. Whilst you are decorating, try out our temporary blinds that stick onto the glass part of the window and simply can be pulled up and down by using the toggle...They are cut to size with scissors, stick on and ready to use. Its as simple as that.

Have a look at our website on how to order your temporary blinds. Once you have finished decorating, simply heat the sticky part with a hair dryer and they easily just peel away from the window without marking and can be thrown away.

Use them for any window in the house whilst you are decorating. Once your shutters are delivered, follow the easy to use installation guidelines or follow the installation videos.

Shutter specifications

SKU number: 166

Width: 1100 mm

Height: 1300 mm

Type: Full Height

Shutter color: Poplar Bright White

Hinge color: Chrome

Slats size: 2 1/2 inches

Push rod: Front

Light reducing blinds: no

Inside Mount L Tight to window (4033)

Sidebars: Standard


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