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Poplar Shell
Poplar Shell

Cafe style shutters on bay windows are extremely popular nowadays as they allow you to have coverage of the window on the bottom half only leaving the top part of your window totally open allowing in as much light into the room as possible.

Our picture shows a typical cafe style shutter about 3/4 of the way up leaving the top windows open. This is a great solution for those on a budget as well. On this window , the customer has used our open sky concealed push rod giving you easier control, as it moves , all the louvres move and you can adjust to allow as much light in but also retain your privacy.

Cafe style shutters are extremely popular for customers houses that are on the main high street where there is a lot of foot traffic passing by. Usually the shutters are always closed over and simply adjusted by using the louvres.

Our product shown features the following;

  • 64mm louvres with the open sky concealed push rod
  • Finished in Shell paint from our standard range
  • 6 panels all cafe style, 3 bifolding to the left and 3 bifolding to the right.

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Cafe style shutters are by far the easiest shutters to measure and install. All you need to do is get the width correct and then give us the height point where you want the shutters to end. All our measuring guides for cafe style shutters are on the website, there are also handy hints and tips for you to follow . Watch the measuring videos for further advice.

Installation is easy and for all those DIY enthusiasts out there, the cafe style shutter is the easiest to try first time round before you start on the rest of the house.

If you have any questions or need design advice then contact our customer care team. They are highly trained in the whole shutter ordering process and can assist with any query you might have. Although they cannot physically help you measure and install, they can certainly talk you through every step to get the final look you want.

Shutter specifications

SKU number: 185

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 750 mm

Type: Cafe Style

Shutter color: Poplar Shell

Hinge color: Brass

Slats size: 2 1/2 inches

Push rod: Front

Light reducing blinds: no

Outside Mount L (4033)

Sidebars: Standard


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