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Bathroom Shutters 900mm x 1500mm

Window coverings in bathrooms has always been difficult especially if your room has a lot of condensation or it is in the direct eyesight of prying neighbours.

Plantation Shutters are the answer as they are so versatile. Simply angle the louvres to...

SKU number: 412 Price £ 213.60

Bi Folding DIY Shutters 1050mm x 800mm

If you have a large sash window , it is sometimes hard to choose a window covering as wood blinds stack at the top cutting out your light and curtains are sometimes too heavy and dusty. Plantation shutters are the perfect soloution as bifolding shut...

SKU number: 180 Price £ 132.80

Black Plantation Shutters 1100mm x 1000mm

Black shutters are becoming increasingly fashionable lately as it is the in colour to have with all the interior designers. Our photo shows black hi gloss shutters on a bay window for a dining room. The decor of the chandelier and chairs together hi...

SKU number: 182 Price £ 174.40

Cafe Style Bay Window Shutters 1300mm x 750mm

Cafe style shutters on bay windows are extremely popular nowadays as they allow you to have coverage of the window on the bottom half only leaving the top part of your window totally open allowing in as much light into the room as possible.

Our pic...

SKU number: 185 Price £ 154.40

Classic Bay Window Shutters 1200mm x 950mm

The UK has millions of bay windows due to the Edwardian and Victorian buildings. Our classic shutters are the ideal window covering because of the easily adjustable louvres that can be slightly angled to let the light flood in and also retain your p...

SKU number: 184 Price £ 180.80

Conservatory And Patio Door Shutters 800mm x 1800mm

Conservatories have become increasingly harder to obtain window coverings for due to the height and most of all due to the price. But with  the Shutter Store UK programme, you can now measure and install yourself so giving you a far more c...

SKU number: 164 Price £ 192.00

Dining Room Wood Interior Shutters 1250mm x 1150mm

It is so important to get the lighting right in your dining room for that all so important dinner party and more and more UK customers are using shutters for their window coverings .In the summer months the shutters allow as much light into your roo...

SKU number: 174 Price £ 228.00

DIY Arched Window Shutters 1000mm x 1000mm

Most customers who move into new homes with arched windows feel totally stumped when it comes to adding a window covering. Blinds are not possible and curtains seems to block out all the light or do not provide privacy. Well plantation shutters from...

SKU number: 161 Price £ 158.40

DIY Bay Window Interior Shutters 1150mm X 1150mm

With so many Victorian and Edwardian properties in the UK, Bay window shutters are the perfect window covering solution .The reason for this is their versatility when it comes to regaining your privacy but for also allowing as much light into your r...

SKU number: 171 Price £ 209.60

DIY Kitchen Patio Door Shutters 900mm x 1250mm

Kitchens are the heart of the house and more and more of our customers are trying to bring the outside in by installing folding, sliding doors or huge patio doors that open up to the garden or balcony. The problem then becomes what to have as a wind...

SKU number: 176 Price £ 178.40

DIY Wood Stained Bedroom Shutters 1200mm x1200mm

Wood stained shutters can really add some warmth to your home . Our picture shows the warm and cozy feel our customers finally achieved even though there was exposed brick work in the bedroom as it was a concverted warehouse. However after looking o...

SKU number: 169 Price £ 228.00

Full Height White Shutters 1050mm x 1200mm

Full height Shutters on a bay window are the perfect solution as a window covering to ensure you allow as much light in your room as possible but also retaining privacy.

Our photo shows a typical bay window with Full height shutters with a mid rail...

SKU number: 187 Price £ 183.20