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We have low prices every day that we are confident you will find hard to beat. On average we sell MDF, Phoenix Wood and ABS for 50% less than the measured and installed price.

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  • 4 whites
  • 4 slat sizes
  • Everyday Value
Designer Range
  • 15 exclusive paints & stains
  • 64mm, 89mm & 114mm flat angular designed slats
  • Eggshell, high gloss paints and wood stain finishes
  • 50 stains & paints
  • 4 slat sizes
  • Wide range of options
Waterproof ABS
  • 6 whites
  • 4 slat sizes
  • Fully waterproof
Wooden Blinds
  • 8 exclusive paints
  • 50mm slats
  • Eggshell or high gloss options