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Quickfix Temporary Blinds have partnered with Redishade™

• No holes • No fixings • No hassle!

Need coverage on your windows right away? Avoid the hassle of pinning sheets or paper on your windows while you wait for a more permanent window covering.

To give our customers the best value temporary blinds solution on the market, we have partnered with Redishade. Hugely popular in the USA, Redishade temporary blinds give you instant window coverage for an ultra low cost.

Why purchase Redishade™ Instant Blinds?


Latest Prices 6 Pack White Blinds Price  
Redishade ™
910 x 1820mm
Blinds in a Box 910 x 1830mm £42.00  

Quality and Usability

…Watch our video to see how simple and effective Redishade instant blinds are to use.


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