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Specialty Shapes

Special shaped windows are a beautiful addition to any room but they can prove difficult to dress. We are delighted to offer made to measure perfect shaped wood shutters for the following shaped windows.

Every one of our specialty shutters is hand crafted with leading edge technology which allows us to deliver the highest level of precision in our products. This means that whatever challenging or awkward shape your window might be, we’re convinced we can custom make a wooden shutter to fit any of the shapes you see on this page perfectly.

Take a look at some of the incredible shaped windows in these architectural window masterpieces for inspiration. It doesn't matter whether your home is large or small, whether you have round portholes or feature octagonal windows, let us know because we love a manufacturing challenge and we’re sure you’ll love the results too.

We recommend our customers email us with a photograph of their special shape window in order that we illustrate where to measure. It’s important to get accurate dimensions for any interior shutters and that is particularly important for any special shapes. That said it’s simple to measure for DIY installation, let us show you how!

Due to the additional work involved at manufacturing, special shape shutters carry an additional charge. Please contact our staff for an instant quote. Remember, our prices are the lowest in the UK so you won’t need uncovered windows in your home ever again, even if they are unusual shapes!