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Solid Shutters

Solid shutters bedroom photo

We offer a choice of two solid shutter design options for DIY installation. Either completely solid or with solid base / shutter slats on top. Our solid shutter panels can be ordered in our stunning Phoenix / Paulownia wood. These are available in the same range of colours as our regular slatted Phoenix plantation shutters range and look stunning in the right setting. Installed using the same techniques and frames as our regular plantation shutters, these products can be ordered in the same panel configurations as are available with louvered shutters.

We also supply these shutter panels with a rebated stile (panels interclick with a tongue’n’groove system), this can add to their light reducing and security enhancing properties. As these products are made from 100% wood you are free to add your choice of handle to the solid hard wood panels. These together with our combination shutters are just 10% higher SQM price as our regular plantation shutters, which means great value and the lowest prices in the UK!

Solid shutters with slats on top

Shutters with Solid Lower Half / Slats on Top. This works well for shutters on French doors where there is a solid lower section and then a glazed area above. The solid section of the shutter aligns with the solid section of the door and the slats above this area tilt to allow a clear view out of the glass.