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Panel Configuration

How many shutter panels are best for me?

The quantity of shutter panels can create quite a different look for your window and room.

When considering your options, ask yourself how often the panels will be opened. We advise customers wanting to open the panels on a daily basis to go for narrower panels, which can bi-fold or tri-fold onto each other and therefore project less into the room.

image showing 2 and 4 panel shutters

The images above show a window 1000mm wide x 1000mm high. The image on the left shows 2 shutter panels (1 hinged left, 1 hinged right). The right hand image shows 4 panels, which, when opened will bi-fold onto each other (2 panels left, 2 panels right).

If the panels are not being opened regularly the left hand design works well as there are less solid vertical sections cutting through the glazed area of the window, which means more light entering your room through the two panels. However, if the panels are going to be regularly opened back, the design on the right works best. This is because the panels can concertina and therefore take up less space when they open back.