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Mounting Shutters

Our shutter measure guides are very simple to follow. However you first need to establish if your windows are best suited to have shutters as an inside or outside mount.

Inside mount shutters

Inside Mount Shutters

Inside Mount applies to windows which have a window recess.

To check if this applies to you, click to read the Inside mount 1. There are 2 ways of installing inside mount shutters – either tight up to the window, inside the recess or at the front of the recess, flush with the internal wall.

From a design perspective, your main consideration again, should be how often you will open back the panels. If mounting at the front of the recess, flush with your internal wall, the panels will have the ability to fold 180° flat back on the walls either side
of the window. If mounting tight into the window, the panels will open but be restricted to a 90° angle. This may be OK if you have a deep recess or narrow panels, but if you have wider panels and you want to open then up, they’ll stick out into the room.

Again, keep thinking back to how often you’ll actually open the panels. If they’re rarely opened, mounting inside, tight to the window works well as you can then use the sill and will have increased the feeling of space by having the sill within the room, as opposed to being hidden behind the shutter.

Outside Mount Shutters

Outside mount shutters

Outside mount applies to windows with no window recess or to windows which are inward opening.

To check if an outside mount installation is best suited to your shutters, read the Outside Mount 1.

The most typical type of window requiring an outside mount shutter installation is a sash window. These are the windows that you often find in Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian homes. Outside mount is required when there is no recess or when the windows open inwards and would hit the shutter frame. Design wise, the same sort of factors need to be considered as with inside mount. Are you going to open the panels? If so, is there space for them to fold back?

Go with narrower panels if opening the shutters on a regular basis and wider panels if leaving the panels in situ most of the time