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Sarah Beeny and The Shutter Store Take Another Step Forward

Last week was a flurry of activity at The Shutter Store, as a part of the team decamped to North London for 3 days of photography and video shooting. It was a very busy few days with up to 25 people in the location house at some points, but the work seemed to flow relatively smoothly.

For a full day, Sarah Beeny joined the team. It was an action packed day for Sarah with several back to back interviews in between shooting shutter images and lots of video content. This is being edited over the coming 2 weeks and will result in significantly improved instructional / 'how to' shutter videos going live on the site late July.

Director of The Shutter Store, Mark Carter commented

"We are thrilled that Sarah has chosen to work with us here at The Shutter Store. Not only is Sarah great to work with but she is as passionate about shutters and offering great value to consumers as we are.

When we first started talking to Sarah in 2014, what stood out to us was that she really believed in what we offered - a great shutter, at a significantly better price than other companies, all supported by personal customer care and support. Sarah is all about helping people improve their homes and living spaces for less and understands that The Shutter Store removes those perceived hurdles and barriers to measuring and fitting shutters yourself."

The new video guides help customers see exactly how to measure and install shutters for their specific windows. 

"Sarah Beeny is a great brand ambassador for us. She's been very hands on in a lot of what we're doing and just loves the fact that we sell exactly the same shutters as many other UK shutter companies but at a fraction of the price. That for Sarah was the key reason why she decided to partner with us."

The photo attached shows Sarah with Directors Murray Clark and Mark Carter at the end of a long day!

You can expect to see the new content live late July 2015.

June 16, 2015