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Kelly Hoppens Range of Shutters Target Sleaford!

Kelly Hoppen and her range of exclusive designer shutters are featured in The Sleaford Target. Shutters are an excellent way of covering windows, as they are a natural wood product, they offer insulation and a stylish functional window covering.

Kelly Hoppens range of shutters are an exclusive partnership with The Shutter Store and the interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Often Called the Queen of Cream, Kelly Hoppens Shutters are available in a range of Taupes and Greys. Her painted poplar wood shutters are available in her signature Mink, Elephant Grey, and Jet Black shades which can be produced in an eggshell finish or a hi-gloss finish. Alternatively she has designed a range of shutters with overwashed stains. These create a beautiful soft natural look to the windows and is available in a variety of colour finishes from the Kelly Hoppen pallette!

Affordable Designer shutters at DIY prices. Kelly Hoppen offers Shutters tips and home improvement tips to readers of the Sleaford Target.

November 19, 2009