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Embracing Autumn at home

Amber hues, short days, cosy nights, we take inspiration from the changing season to bring into the home.

Autumnal hues

The most beautiful thing about Autumn surely must be the colour that transforms the landscape with burnt orange, mustard yellows, amber and gold. Take inspiration from nature to embrace the season, and create a feature in your hallway using distorted twine, pink peppercorns or fallen branches from the woodland can look quite spectacular especially when dresses with a few little fairy lights.

Layer with texture

 Dress your sofa with chunky blankets, folded and draped deliberately adding texture and colour. This can also look fabulous if the fabrics are all carefully folded and stacked on a spindle-back chair or ottoman; just somewhere in easy reach for getting snuggly when watching your favourite programme at night.


 Not just for one night on Halloween, pumpkins can most definitely be used to decorate and bring colour to your front door. Get a few of different sizes and shapes. If you are feeling creative, pumpkins look great if you give them a little chalk paint treatment or decorate using a sharpie. Get the whole family involved too and enjoy as a fun activity together!


 Often overlooked, but placing a scent in the home can be the most welcoming and relaxing thing to come home to at the end of a busy day. Use reed diffusers or candles with warming aromas like frankincense or sandalwood and allow your senses to begin to unwind, not only this but your guests will adore too.

 Get cosy with shutters

 As we all know, heating bills can shoot right up in the colder months. Shutters not only look stylish and add the look and feel of warmth to your home shutters can also SAVE you money when it comes to the winter months as they further insulate your home thus reducing your heating bills.

October 19, 2016