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5 ways to refresh your home this spring

Want to give your home a makeover for spring? You can do (and spend) surprisingly little to make a big difference – find out how with our spring interior updates

Pic: The Shutter Store

1 Get busy with a paintbrush

The swiftest, cheapest way to make the most dramatic impact on a home makeover is to wield a paintbrush (or roller). Whether painting your walls in refreshing Greenery, Pantone’s Colour of the Year, or making over your wardrobe, bed frame or even dining chairs with a slick new paint colour (deep, dark shades such as black and midnight blue are still very hot for furniture), you can swap natural or out-of-date room schemes for something that’s fresh for spring – and on trend for the year ahead.

2 Introduce pattern

Adding pattern to a plain room can make a dramatic difference in no time. Simply shopping for a new cushion cover or two, a throw, a rug, a lampshade and a couple of eye-catching accessories is the quick, easy way to a home makeover. Got a bit more time and budget to spare? Revamp a wall with a patterned paper to create an eye-catching feature. For a look that’s bang on trend, avoid an overly co-ordinated scheme. Instead, hunt down pieces with different patterns in different sizes for a one-off, eclectic look.

3 Sort your storage

No home makeover worth its salt is without a storage refresh. So, if your rooms have little storage – or you haven’t had a clear out of existing units for a while - now’s the time to recycle, sell on and donate. House still oozing piles of books/DVDs/clothes/toys/shoes? Have a storage rethink, perhaps swapping a large, under-used piece from one room with a smaller but over-stuffed unit from another (solving the problem at zero spend). Or, maybe there’s unused space where you could stash stuff you don’t use often – in boxes under beds or on top of wardrobes, for example? Or perhaps you just need new storage… If so, don’t feel your only choice is a purpose-built flat-pack buy; an upcycled vintage boot fair find can look much more stylish.  

4 Revamp your windows

Window frames unsightly? View out the window a little disappointing? Draughts and noise continually seeping in from outside? Overlooked by neighbours? Net curtains, well, just wrong? So many problems can be sorted by just one quick and easy-to-fit, affordable interior update: DIY plantation shutters. Ours come in a range of styles – solid, tier-on-tier, café-style and full-height – to suit every style of room and property, and you can even have them colour matched to suit your brand new colour scheme to a tee.  

5 Get planting

Indoors and out, now’s the time to get some greenery into your life. Houseplants have returned from obscurity to be the number one must-have accessory for the year ahead. Forget spider plants, though. We’re talking shapely, unusual, sculptural or over-sized plants this time around. And if you can’t find, afford or keep alive the real thing, good quality fake foliage is just as acceptable – look online for the best deals. As for outdoors, it might just be a case of popping a few nicely planted pots up near the house and giving the rest of the garden or patio a tidy until the blooming season really kicks in. 

March 13, 2017