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10 ways to organise outdoor space

Be ready to make the most of your garden this summer. Use our simple strategies to sort out clutter in sheds and garages, and boost outside storage

1 Create hobby space

How about taking your favourite pastime out of the house this summer? Move garden tools and furniture to the garage (we’ll tell you how to organise that efficiently below), and transform the shed into a hobby room. A trip to a local DIY shed means you can shop for paint ranges specially made to pretty up outdoor wood and give the interior and the exterior a fresh new look.

2 Use garage walls

Fit floor to ceiling wall shelving to make more of a garage. Slim shelves will make a place for garden and outdoor essentials without compromising floor space for the car or the larger items you stash in there.

3 Try a loft conversion

No, we don’t mean in the house. A garage with a gable roof is ripe for the creation of loft storage. Use it for bulky items that aren’t frequently required and it’ll leave the space below as available for storage as before. Look to the area above the garage door to stash things you don’t use often, too.

4 Boost garage organisation

It pays to sweat the small stuff when it comes to storage – it’s very easy to lose track of the little essentials you need for home improvement or garden jobs. Old jam jars make great homes for screws or re-use – and label if the contents aren’t visible – small lidded plastic containers like bumper chewing gum packs.

 5 Hang more

Whether we’re talking shed or garage storage, going clutter-free requires plenty of hanging space. Hooks and pegs high on the wall will keep garden spades, forks and brooms in order; fix some more lower down so hand tools are easy to grab, too. Likewise, a wall-hung hose won’t get tangled up if it’s coiled up on the wall rather than snaking across the floor. It’s the same story for tools. Peg boards are the perfect place to keep them and try a magnetic strip for screwdrivers and pliers.

6 Grab-and-go storage

When you want to get on with planting or weeding having to hunt down the necessary is a big time-waster. To get outside fast, think grab-and-go kits. Garden string, seed packets and plant labels, ready to hand in one movable container, will get you in the garden quicker.

7 Add a potting bench

Keen gardener? Treat yourself to a potting bench in the shed once the rest of the storage is organised. Be kind to your back and store heavy items low down, adding shelving above for pots and plant trays as well as tags and pens.

8 Make access easy

When the sun comes out, be ready to take the opportunity to sit out in the garden, or have lunch or dinner outside. An extra container for cushions for outdoor furniture set out on a deck or patio will save a trip to the garage or shed and get you seated in comfort in double-quick time.

9 Conceal recycling

Bins, boxes and bags won’t do the garden any favours. Put together – if you’re handy – or invest in an outdoor structure sized to fit the assortment of containers your local council provides so they’re concealed from sight.

10 Slim down

No garage? No room for a standard shed? There are plenty of ultra space-saving designs around – and keen DIYers can build their own. For maximum storage, include a full-height area to fit long-handled tools, as well as shelving.


May 12, 2017