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April 02, 2014

Jacqueline Followed Shutter Installation Instructions For an Easy Fit

Jacqueline found installing her Cheshire shutters a breeze. She followed all the instructions and was surprised to find out just how easy shutter installation really is.

Jacqueline considered curtains as a window covering. but decided that the clean lines complimented her windows, and the poplar wood shutters really show off her lovely big bedroo...

April 02, 2014

Glasgow Shutters an Angled Ceiling Shutters Conundrum

Karl and Clare from Glasgow originally considered blinds rather than shutters for their windows. They decided against blinds when they saw our information on our shutters.

They figured that due to their angled ceilings, shutters would have a bit more felxibility as a window covering

April 02, 2014

Our Chichester Shutters Customer Ordered after a Google Search with Great Success,

Will from Chichester contacted the Shutter Store after visiting our website. He wanted a more openshut shutter type window covering for his Chichester home than just curtains.

The functionality and flexibility shutters in his Chichester home offered really was a huge part of the appeal.

Older properties sometimes have windows which are out of sq...

April 02, 2014

Cottage received ivory shutters for irrelgular shaped windows

Chris required shutters for their cottage to complement the look of the property and the feel of the house.  With the window being in their nursery, he thought that window shutters would offer fantastic functionality. Plus solve the problem of needing a window covering which blocks out light at their windows prior to the arrival of their new ...

April 02, 2014

Odd Shaped Shutters Used in Converted Church Windows Rennovation

An old converted church makes for a wonderful, unusual home, but with tall odd shaped windows, often unusually tall, what kind of window covering do you choose? Sarah from Shrewsbury contacted us  for help. She sent in photos of her windows for us to see where she could possibly fit the shutters. We provided her with ideas and examples a...

April 02, 2014

Angela's Ayrshire Shutters for Her French Door

Angela from Ayreshire ordered shutters from The Shutter Store as she had looked at a full measure install service which were far too expensive. She was really happy to see that she was able to have high quality DIY shutters at a fraction of the cost that she had been quoted by another shutter company.